Screen Squinty’s “Dip N Dance” Review.

Short: Dip N Dance.
Directed by: Hugo Cierzniak.
Released: 2014.
Running time: 6.18 min.

This a an award winning French independent animated short produced by Delapost Paris and created by Hugo Cierzniak, about a conceited narcissist with a gadget fetish that is suddenly faced with his collection putting him through his paces.

The short is a hilarious warning about being owned by the objects that we own. It is reminiscent of the Buster Keaton classic The Electric House (1922) which had a similar premise of household automatons causing hi-jinks. In this short’s case, the hi-jinks through puppet master musicality of this single individual in a towel, who has just the right amount of pompous ridiculousness himself in the beginning, was well executed.

If I had any issues with this piece, it would be the scene of him kicking his dog in the opening, it came across as a little to forced in showing what an arse the main character is, though perhaps can be mildly explained by the immediate follow up of the character whistling at his radio to turn it on like one would whistle at a beloved pet, perhaps juxtaposing the man’s favor of gadget over the behind the times loyalty of his affectionate pet, though this could be reaching.

Some imaginative settings, great use of light and shadow, excellent use of perspective, it’s colourful without being obnoxious, as well as its vaguely trippy moments carry through a rather fluidly animated enjoyable short.

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