Die Young, Animated Short: A Review.

Short: Die Young.
Created by: Vivziepop.
Released: 2014.
Running Time: 2.40 min.

This is one of those independently made animations that was created purely for the love of the medium of music, in this case “Die Young” by Kesha Rose, being expressed through animation.

The crowning glory here is the character designs. These are unique and imaginative creations that have this flow about them, a lot of swirl and curve to the characters fitting space around each other when the main focus in a manner like what you find on yin-yang symbols or round edge puzzle pieces, and great facial expressions on both the main character and the background characters, expressing an energetic mischief that helped to really solidify the tone of the piece. Combining the eye catching, and sometimes wild, colour scheme, it’s a very appealing looking animation.

There are a few minor things like slight sync issues with the music to mouth of the main character, and a few areas within the back ground characters that should have been moving with the song’s implied pace but not to noticeable with the sheer flow and energy being expressed in the main character and her little pink fox, combined with the excellent song choice, the theme of which this animation expressed brilliantly.

This is a wonderful tribute to the song and great effort on part of the animation team.

Good job!

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