Heroes Reborn Prequel “Dark Matters”: A Review.

Episode: Dark Matters (Prelude).
Show: Heroes: Reborn (Miniseries)
Released: 2015.
Running time: 42 minutes

This is a series of mini-episodes that form a cohesive narrative in the span of one normal episode of the main show. It centers primarily on a brother, Quinten (Henry Zebrowski) and sister, Phoebe (Aislinn Paul), one of which is an Evo (the name of those with super powers) and their progression of experiences with that reality, interspersed with shots from the hacker anarchist Micah and Noah Bennett declaring their (from the original series) and clips of Evos declaring their powers.

This was done in a found footage style for the most part (it appears to have gone off the beaten path style-wise here and there), told from both the brother and the sister’s point of view at first before centering mainly on the brother.

There is an excellent flow within the plot, where you see the first innocence and wonder of the reality of having a super power, then the repercussions of having that power within a less then accepting society with increasing tensions between the two types of humans, falling in a neat domino effect that joins these two isolated characters into possibly the main stream of the Heroes Reborn plot.

The successive evolution of experience combined with the film style, and the brother especially, who is particularly interesting in his well-rounded personality with a strong sense of family attachment and fortitude but yet still remains a believably regular dude, makes for a peaking of expectations for the main show in the hopes it will maintain the promise of Dark Matters. This was also a good choice for the primary focus, as he presents the relatable figure to the likely target audience of the show.

The main show starts September 24, 2015.

*Heroes Reborn Trailer, link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dJwEiTI_hw

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