Shaun The Sheep Movie: A Review.

Film:Shaun the Sheep Movie.
Directed By: Richard Starzak and Mark Burton.
Released: 2015.
Running time: 85 min.

Shaun The Sheep Movie is a based off the British television show of the same name (2007-present) which was a spin-off from the famous Wallace and Grommet franchise (1990-2013). It features the titular woolly sweater preludes looking for a day off from the monotony of being grabbed and sheered, so they hatch a plan, masterminded by Shaun, the boss ba-er, and in the process loose the farmer for their efforts and have to go into the big city to get him back.

There is some great use of humour in this, from slap stick to adult humour, it works well in this film with gags often paid off in both plot and laughs, and physical humour that are enjoyable in their chain reaction style, but at the same time was able to keep a touch of emotion here and there without impacting on the lighthearted tone of the film.

The stop motion animation was done well, you can tell that the animators put a lot of effort and attention to detail in the animation with the city and its population, creating a great backdrop for this film, with both the animation and the character designs remaining faithful to the source material, but also introducing new characters with great designs of their own.

The only thing that didn’t work well in the film was that the non-diegesis pop songs weren’t really needed, as the musical components included in the narrative stood well on their own, particularly as this is a non-dialogue film, and scenes had just the right amount of impact without the additions, though there wasn’t to many, and didn’t last too long, so not a hamper on the overall experience.

The fact that there is very little actual dialogue was a strong point of the television show and what is spun off from, which carried into this movie, and with a well-paced plot, the story carries through and fleshes out the characters without the need for a comprehensible word given.

This is a great film that is an exercise in good story telling, with great pace, humour, characters, and animation, something that children, teens, and adults alike would highly enjoy.

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