Blindspot, First Episode: A Review.

Show: Blindspot.
Episode: Season 1 Episode 1.
Made by: NBC.
Released: 2015
Running time: 43 min.

Blindspot is an American Crime Drama created by Martin Gero and Greg Berlanti from NBC about a tattooed woman without any memory of who she is, whose tattoos provide clues by which the FBI will use to help them solve crimes and the Jane Doe to discover herself along the way.

From the technical end the cinematography is decent, some good use of disjointed transitions here and there, off angle shots and close ups occasionally done in a shaky cam style, keeping with the off kilter situations in the story, enhancing tension or emotional moments competently.

The tattoos as a main plot device of the show was a good idea, and they are backed up with a decent enough design that works well with the actress’ body, very much causing the eye to linger on her form as they are designed to do, but other than those, there is nothing that really stands out about the rest of the characters visually.

The opening had to be one of the best parts of the episode, perhaps one of the more interesting first grand entrance for a character this year on a television show so far. The symbolic imagery of birth is not lost on anyone, but it does work with the premise of the show, and the expression on that poor bomb diffuser’s face was rather amusing, adding to the surreality of the scene.

Jane Doe herself displayed just the right amount of emotion and confusion given the situation she is in, and was perhaps the only character so far that has shown anything attempting real personality, though that is likely because she is the main character and thus the main focus of the show. Kurt so far is rather stiff and flavorless, like a lama bean, without much going on except his name on Jane’s back, having yet to display anything original or interesting about him, though his character may improve further down the line, once the show uses some episodes to let the other characters into the personality pool.

As for the plot of the episode, the premise is interesting, the opening itself seemed intriguing, as did Mr. Mystery Beard as the token shadowy figure. It had a good pace, and took a few moments to allow emotions into play on part of Jane. The bombing of a US icon by a foreigner agent was somewhat old hat though, and was the least interesting part of the episode. Hopefully the future cases will be a bit more creative and not the rehash we get with these types of shows over and over again.

Overall the first episode is functional as a premiere, with decent narrative flow, good cinematography that helped to heighten or enhance emotions and tension in the episode, good acting on part of Jaimie Alexander, and the premise is somewhat interesting, but the rest of the characters need work, particularly Kurt, to be something more than the dangerous treading ground of character tropes. This is something to watch if your into crime procedural dramas that have an overarching mysterious plot.


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