SHUDŌ: A Review.

Short: SHUDŌ.
Directed by: To-Anh Bach, Charles Badiller, and Hugo Weiss.
Running time: 2 min.
Released: 2015.

This is a very short promotional animation from Goeblins Le’Ecole de L’Image that features a fight between two swordsmen, Hayate and Iwa out in the snow.

This is an excellent little animation, almost like a clip form some larger project really, with this amazing visual dance between the past and the present as the relationship is shown between the two battling swordsmen, the images between fighting and embracing were particularly poignant given the ending.

The animation style itself was unique, and attention to detail, such as the cloths whipping in the blizzard wind, the angle and the choice of cold colors for the present battle, and warmer tones for the past scenes was well done.

This is how film should be, showing. There is no dialogue, and the actions in the animation play out a deep relationship within such a small space of time, that it rivals many feature length films.

Well Done!

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