Screen Squinty “La Luna” Review.

Short: La Luna.
Made by: Pixar.
Released: 2011.
Running time: 7 min.

This is a computer animated short directed and written by Enrico Casarosa that premiered at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France and was later paired with Brave (2012). It is about three generations of laborers who clean stars off the moon.

The animation style was very much like the illustrations from a child’s book with simple lines, yet unique characteristics as well as colourful and eye-catching. The use of gibberish dialogue forces the viewer to perceive the dynamic between the three characters strictly by action, which was well utilized in this short. The use of objects such as the hat and cleaning tools was a clever way to express the arguments and resolution.

This is more a story of the arguments of two generations (grandfather and father) trying to raise another generation, the son, in different ways that they both think to be the better, with the son eventually finding his own way of interpreting tradition. Working the theme of next generational contention though a child-like contemporary folktale worked well with the moral being expressed.

A great little animation that kids and adults can appreciate.

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*La Luna can be viewed at


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