Heroes Reborn Premiere: A Review.

Series: Heroes Reborn
Episode: Premiere episode.
Season: Mini-series.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 1 and a half hours.

Heroes Reborn is an event miniseries that is considered a continuation of the original science-fiction series Heroes (2006-2010). It stars a combination of new and old cast in a world that the evolved humans, or Evo’s, are out of the closet with the general public, facing discrimination and suppression thanks in particular to a cataclysmic event (introduced in Dark Matters)in which many people died. Various people are drawn together a year later by some greater mystery in the horizon.

From the technical end of things, standard fair for the most part in cinematography, nothing that really stands out overall in that quarter, unlike the show’s prelude. The point of contention would have to be the computer animation for Miko in the videogame parts. While they weren’t heinous, with the budget that the production company has to make this show, they were still pretty sub-par and you would think they would fork over money for better CGI for such a big time production, even as a miniseries for television. Miko’s part is supposed to reflect an actual present day videogame, video games now-a-days have way better graphics.

The characters were… a mixed bag to say the least.

Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman reprising his role) and Quintin Frady (Henry Zebrowski) from Dark Matters were the most enjoyable for this premiere, their byplay with one another is fun to watch, and both show a promising character dynamic for future episodes as their motivations become further in sync with one another. The close second was Tommy Clarke (Robbie Kay) who shows some promise as an engaging character once they pull him away from the teenage melodrama. The weak parts would have to be Miko Otomo (Kiki Sukezane) so far; her character is…well, as one dimensional as her videogame persona, and there is no clear way to define her except awkward to watch, though whatever her story is, or is going to be, will hopefully improve her in later episodes.

The story…whoo…now there is another mixed bag.

There is some solid mystery, particularly working off of the prelude Dark Matters that was released prior to the premiere. The looming threat in the horizon is well hinted at, and there are a couple of plot lines that show promising development. Despite all that, this has yet to show the promise that the premiere of the original Heroes possessed. There was also an odd character arc going on with Miko and her fanboy, possible red-shirt hopefully, Ren and the whole videogame father needs rescue subplot going on. Frankly it was like these parts were written by an otaku working out some sort of amateurish fanfiction. It was just plain jarring compared to the rest of the narrative, what there is of one so far.

Overall there is some promising things here, such as the big mystery, some decent visuals here and there, a few good characters, but it has yet to really live up to the hype that this miniseries gained. Further future episode clip reveals hold some promise, something that will hopefully signal a gaining improvement as the show progresses, so we shall see.

*Heroes Reborn trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FLHB2zB_cA

Heroes Reborn Dark Matters Prelude: A Review at https://screensquinty.wordpress.com/2015/09/03/heroes-reborn-prequel-dark-matters-episode-review/

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