Goodnight Mommy: A (short) Review.

Film: Goodnight Mommy.
Written and Directed by: Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala.
Released: 2014 (eng sub 2015).
Running time: 93 min.

This is a Austrian Horror film about two brothers who have a contentious relationship with a woman that they doubt to be their mother whom returns to them after plastic surgery.

This is a movie about ambiance. Everything from the amazing
cinematography, the rife symbolic imagery, to the character portrayals is
about the experience of hallucinating. Even though you
know early on the secret surrounding the two boys, its not about
revelation of the secret surrounding them, so much as watching the fallout of that realization, and some of the extremes it can go to.

The child actors were natural with just a hint of something off, without being to much one thing or the other, the mother was a bit…off as a mother figure, but that could be considered as the key part of the plot, or in general a portrayed faulty person being interpreted through a skewed lens.

A great deal of obvious film making talent went into this Austrian
masterpiece, a bit laid back here and there, not an overly jump scare kind of film, which is perfect for the story being portrayed, adding yet another layer to the definition of Horror.

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