The Simpsons, Season 27 Premiere: A Review.

Show: The Simpsons.
Created by: Matt Groaning.
Season: 27.
Episode: 1.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 23 min.

The premiere of the twenty seventh season of The Simpsons started off with a rather tired show cliché of Marge and Homer separating (after yet another cliché of Homer being declared with yet another health problem) and it seems like a standard Homer pisses off Marge, he does something that makes her forgive him eventually, and they end up back together again at the end of the episode. Then there is a groan worthy it’s a dream cop out part way in, but then things seem more interesting when it seems that maybe the show will do something new for a change and actually have the separation/possible divorce stick, but no, they pull off the same cop out in the end, and the glimmer of promising revitalization in the eye of the show is suddenly swirling down the toilet.

Many people have wondered whether The Simpsons should have ended long ago, having long past it’s prime, and with a season premiere like this, you can see why people would say that. The writing was lazy, the animation on the drug high was creative, but its heavy recycling of long recycled Simpsons tropes, with only a change-up cock tease going for it, that in the end leaves you annoyed and dissatisfied with this lack luster episode.

For the show’s sake, hopefully there are a few better episodes later in the season, you can only ride on the coat tails of past success nostalgia, temporary gimmicks, and Treehouse of Horror for only so long.


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