Screen Squinty’s “Feed” Review.

Short: Feed.
Directed by: Prapas Cholsaranon.
Released: 2014.
Running Time: 4.22 min.

This is an Thai animated short from Workpoint Pictures and Ittirit House that won “Best Animation” from Short Sweet Film Fest 2014 and has since been nominated at other festivals all over. It is about an old woman spending the day feeding an unusual looking pet with strange side-effects.

The animation style is interesting. There is a simpler construction to the character of the old woman and her pet, yet the use of light and shadow, the details of age, like the shaking of the old woman’s fingers, the almost warm pastel hues of the colour, the hints of texture (in the food, and the skin of the woman for example) combined with the character style is rather appealing visually.

The music was a great choice, and brilliantly utilized! This lovely almost melancholic piano piece by Chakapat Lamnoon plays throughout the short and combined with the setting gives it this almost tragic air to it, despite the fact that it is in no way tragic at all, building to this melodic climax in concert with the narrative, then gives you this sudden silence for a moment to realize what just happened before playing again.

The story itself is an excellent example of Incongruity theory. It utilizes all its elements, music, and setting, tone, and very much using these tools to play with the notion of expectation which appears to be the overall driving force of the animation.

This is an excellent animated short that utilized all its cinematic elements to provide the viewer with something unexpectedly unique and Highly recommended for both children and adults alike.

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