Screen Squinty’s “HISHE” Review.

Webseries: How It Should Have Ended.
Created by: Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson.
Released: 2005-present.
Running time: 2-5 min.

How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) is a webseries created by Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson, soon later joined by Christina Alexander and later picked up by Starz Media. It features animated lampoons of various films and some television by exposing various plot holes, inconsistencies, and so forth by creating alternate endings. The webseries has won various awards, been mentioned in various magazines, and has done some crossovers with other popular webseries personalities like Nostalgia Critic and Screen Junkies, as well as guest voice actors like Stan Lee. Since their channel has been on YouTube they have garnered over 5,323,751 subscribers.

So is this channel everything its popularity suggests?

From a technical standpoint, they’ve created a memorable design for their characters that makes them recognizable as HISHE. They use a joyful animation style that stays relatively close to the source material, with a good sense of line and colour and just the right amount of cartoony alterations to make them unique. You can see the effort that the crew goes to in creating these skits, taking the time to make sure that they put out something with quality.

The series has excellent characters that are brought to life by some great voice talents, with the best characterizations found in the recurring series Super Café, in which Batman and Superman sit and drink coffee in a café discussing their movies, joined by other heroes from time to time, and soon later joined by the series Villains Pub (booze and super-villains doing something similar). Batman and Superman are almost Seinfeldian, with a great dynamic that utilizes their unique premise through the short time slots engagingly. Villains Pub has a larger group dynamic and steps further outside the DC-verse with the wide variety of recurring popular faces. The premise of all these major villains in one site with a beer and some good conversation and jabbery among each other (such as the other villains poking fun at Joker’s look), makes one reminisce fondly of Cheers (for those who are old enough to remember Cheers that is).

So does it live up to its popularity? Yes, yes it does and more some. They show an excellent understanding of the foibles of film, yet display an equal love and respect for the medium they parody. Bringing a sense of fun, creative talent, hard work and originality, a series that filmmakers, critics and students of cinema should take time to subscribe and view.

Thanks guys for all great work you have done!

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