Gotham Season 2 “The Last Laugh” : A Review.

Show: Gotham.
Season: 2.
Episode: 3 “The Last Laugh.”
Released: 2015.
Running time: 44 min.

Well…that’s one theory thrown out the window.

It’s safe to say that many viewers likely didn’t expect one of the best characters of the season to go to that big joke shop in the sky only 3 episodes in, and certainly not those who had gone under the assumption that Jerome was the future Joker. Last Laugh indeed.

Oh well, One of those spelling of “assume” moments it appears.

The notion that his madness was spread through idolization of his performance through news feeds was interesting I suppose, but likely doesn’t make up for the disappointment surrounding this revelation that he is not the Joker after all, and was killed off so early to boot. Well, there is still the possibility, slim as it is, that he didn’t actually die, though I have heavy doubts in that quarter despite DC’s resurrection reputation.

Meanwhile the other characters…

The best conversation between two characters has to go to Bullock and Penguin, with the detective rattling penguin’s cage quite effectively with just the right amount of threat and irreverence, promising some interesting scenes between those two later on.

The weakest point so far seems to be remaining in the female characters this season. Selina didn’t do much at all, her personality factor has gone way down so far this season. Leslie Thompkins was interesting in the first season, a strong character with a strong personality, but this season she is not overly identifiable except as Gordon’s love interest (and Alfred’s one-sided brief one), and now a damsel in distress to boot! Which hopefully won’t be a regular thing (come on guys, this actress played queen of an alien race for crying out loud! utilize her other character experiences). Every single female character is here strictly as a love interest/tool/obsessed with man. With the exception of Barbra as at least entertaining in her madness (man there was a reversal from the previous season!), they have nothing else going for them this season yet.

The story for this episode actually wasn’t too bad with the delightful call back to the Joker style hijinks like the kind you would find from the 1990’s Batman the Animated Series through the magicians act, though some of the impact was taken away by the fact that they practically wop you over the head in foreshadowing, and of course the climax of the episode, the death of Jerome was effective, if a bit…yeah.

For the third episode I have to say that if it maintains following its trend of major happenings, a trend that may become a series trope of the show is not careful. It could have utilized Jerome a bit longer throughout the season even if he didn’t turn out to be Joker, though I can see why our new big baddie needed him, it still would have been just as effective killing one of the lackey gunmen (say holding a gun on Bruce or something) after getting knocked out by Barbra and Jerome. There are definitely some worrying problems that are evolving in the show couched among the good that hopefully will be nipped in the bud as early as Jerome has been.


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