The Great Escape (animated short): A Review.

Short: The Great Escape.
Writer and Director: Damian Nenow.
Released: 2006/2012.
Running time: 6.28 min.

This is a Polish computer animated short produced by Plantige Image about a partly sunny weather symbol who wishes to escape the television into the outside world.

This is a very well-constructed animation that utilizes the technical insides of a television into both the prison city-like setting and the hostile inhabitants/guards. There is a good use of slow motion, angle, and shape, as well as a mature understanding of light and shadow.

The character designs themselves are relatively simple in nature on part of partly cloudy, but given what he is, they use just the right amount of light and 3D to flesh him out with out losing the inherent simple nature of his design. The character design of the guards was creative, and merged well as them being part of the environment.

The story has been done before of course, but utilizing it through a weatherman’s symbol as the protagonist was unique, and the plot progressed at a decent pace throughout the short with a satisfying conclusion.

Overall, a great animated short that utilizes its mise-en-scene and characters from the ordinary everyday life living room television with some good animation and enjoyable conclusion and well worth the ganter.

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