Screen Squinty’s Top 25 Favorite YouTube Channels

Ah YouTube! One of my favorite sources for watching whatever catches my fancy. Being a Film student or scholar, YouTube becomes your friend soon enough.

In this list, you will find a random selection of some of my favorite YouTube channels and yes, I am aware that there is likely things that my readers love that aren’t here, these just happen to be the ones I view the most.

Top 25 YouTube Channels (in no order of importance).

1. Good Mythical Morning.

2. Channel Awesome.

3. MLP-Silver-Quill.

4. Cartoon Hooligans.


6. Animation Domination.

7. FilmCow.

8. Mondo Media.

9. TheMysteriousMrEnter.

10. Above Average.

11. ExplosimEntertainment.

12. College Humor.

13. AnthonyC.

14. Simon’s Cat.

15. Cracked and Cracked After Hours.

16. TwistedGrimm TV.

17. Goeblins.

18. CG Bros.

19. Brotherhood Workshop.

20. It’s Okay To be Smart.

21. Vizipop.

22. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.

23. potterpuppetpals.

24. ArtSpear Entertainment.

25. Lily Peet.


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