Screen Squinty’s Top 10 “Back to the Future” Humour.

In honor of Back to the Future Day, which is a day that celebrates on the exact date, October 21, 2015, When the character Marty McFly travels into the future in the second installment of the trilogy, I have created a list of my favorite top Back to the Future humour both as parody shorts, parody television show, reference and discussion.

Top 10 “Back to the Future” Humour (in no particular order).

1. Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015 by CollegeHumor.

2. Rick And Morty (Television Show)

3. X-men Back to the Future Past by Barley Productions.

4. Why ‘Back to the Future’ Is Secretly Horrifying | After Hours by Cracked.

5.Terminator – How It Should End by HISHE.

6. Family Guy: Back to the Future George McFly.

7. Bart and Homers Excellent Adventures, A Treehouse of Horror Segment.

8. Honest Trailer’s Back to the Future.

9. How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started by HISHE.

10. Robot Chicken: Doc Brown’s Plutonium.


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