Kung Fury: A Review.

Image from http://www.memecenter.com/fun/6093591/convention
Image from http://www.memecenter.com/fun/6093591/convention

Film/Short: Kung Fury.
Created by: David Sandberg.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 30 min.

This…this film! Oh my fudging Godlies!

I really don’t know how to coherently review this, so I took my que from the style of the film itself and just went with whatever freakin’ pops into my head, so here it goes.

How best to accurately describe this film? It’s like if the entirety of 80’s nostalgia tripped LSD, lost its shizer, and smacked me upside the head repeatedly with a film script it wrote while in the back of a sexily painted dream van. The resulting hallucination induced from the concussion is this film in a nutshell.

…And man oh man was it awesome! I send my hyper-masculine *squee* out into the void.

This independent film was 30 minutes of straight up so-over-the-top-it’s-in-another-galaxy level of camp that caricatures the 80’s action hero and rough Die Hard cop all merged into the lead character known as Kung Fury (David Sandburg). He speaks in the gravelly voice of the Nolan Batman of the 2000’s (but to be fair was a popular trait in the 80’s) while taking down a time traveling Hitler.

We see burns of ridiculous television premises that were super common in that decade (Triceracop), stiff 80’s animation, unicorns, sexy barbarian women riding animals of manpower, and so much violence the PCA’s of the actual 80’s might have hemorrhaged a hernia of affront.

This is a visual feast for the unsuspecting parody eye for the guy that tries its hardest to make you go “wow” and have fun doing it. The visual style used a cruddy 80’s VHS tape filter, for added nostalgia which, depending on the viewer, was actually a smart little addition and a nice little meta commentary on viewing experience in general for the hey day of Video.

Finally, the strength of this film also lies in the humour (though there were the occasional eye rollers). I think I had one of those small deaths a time or two while watching it I laughed so hard! The utilization of the utter ridiculous made this movie hard to predict as a viewing experience which  is always one of those rare treats that viewers like myself appreciate if its done well.

All in all, whether you end up loving it or hating it, you should give this a ganter because….Damn! This is a fun ride!

*Kung Fury can be viewed either on Netflix Canada or at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS5P_LAqiVg

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5 thoughts on “Kung Fury: A Review.

  1. “It’s like if the entirety of 80’s nostalgia tripped LSD” – ha-ha that’s just a perfect description of it. I’m glad there weren’t any toilet humour here (as with Lazer Team which was also good similar style movie, but had too much of that kind of humour sometimes).


  2. Hmmm… well there’s this movie called Tropic Thunder that is one of the best satires of war and action films I’ve seen yet. Archer you’ve likely heard about, is a great satire show of various eras all rolled into one. There is also Young Frankenstein, and a guilty pleasure of mine is Dracula Dead and Loving It. I can’t say if there is toilet humour or not in it, since it has been awhile, but not enough to be off putting.


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