American Horror Story Hotel, Episode 4 “Devil’s Night.”: A Review.

Show: American Horror Story.
Season: 5/Hotel.
Episode: “Devil’s Night.”
Written by: Jennifer Salt.
Released: 2015.
Running time: 47 min.

This splendid episode is one of the best yet, the Halloween turned into Devil’s Night as our main cop lead is drawn into a rather sinister dinner party, his soon to be ex will be separated from more than her husband, and one of the help gets a bit of a spotlight on her background.

Where to begin with this episode?

So much was good! The surreal feel of being drunk well utilized in the cinematography and transitions of warm to cool tones in the colour palate, the macabre setting combined with a vaguely inebriated sense of tension that wove lazily throughout the dinner party scene, as Johnny boy is furthered in his eyes being opened to the sinister supernatural shenanigans that manifest in the Hotel Cortez.

The actors, both the regulars and the guests, did a superb job, each adding a unique flare to the ensemble of the evening, drawing the viewer in with their great characterizations but all with this mutual sense of creepy factor that added in the narrative flow.

Meanwhile, the side story surrounding Alex after she finds her son and realizes that something is up right of with not only him, but with the hotel as the source was refreshing in that she didn’t dither over it all, and despite her initial bulking, her embracing of the unbelievable as opposed to John’s continued refusal to except what’s in front of him, was actually poignant of the difference between the couple and in part why they can’t work together. Alex’s choice in the end of the episode also reminded me of the end of the film Rosemary’s Baby in her choice to sacrifice herself to what she knows is wrong to be with her child. It will be interesting to see where they take Alex’s arc, which is now, thanks to this episode one of the top interesting ones.

Overall a great episode for Halloween, the show in top notch form as per usual for the holiday, Jennifer Salt wrote a tightly woven blend of freaky and titillating; the best episode so far and a good sign of the continued transition of the overall story of the season.


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