The Walking Dead Season 6, “Here’s Not Here”: A Review.

Show: The Walking Dead.
Season: 6.
Episode: 4 “Here’s Not Here.”
Written by: Scott M. Gimple.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 64 min.

The latest episode in The Walking Dead Season 6, introduces the back story of Morgan after he last encountered Rick and some of his group before he shows up at the tail end of season 5 in a fascinating recount that Morgen relates to one of the attackers of Alexandria whom he has locked away.

This was a pure gold episode from beginning to end, an excellent progression of displaying Morgan‘s complete decent into madness, his violence and discombobulated perception of the world around him depicted through some decent blurred edged filters in some shots, and then his return to sanity through his encounters with Eastman and his teachings.

This is one of those episodes in which nothing much overly happens action wise (particularly stark after the climax of the last episode) but despite this lack of action it worked well as a breather episode, which is needed in shows that depict a large amount of intense action sequences, and establishing Morgan as a more fleshed out character for viewers (hopefully AMC will keep him around for a few seasons instead of killing him off after going to all the trouble to cement Morgen so well).

Eastman was an example of one of those enigmatic guide/wise-an characters working in one of those old hat stories of teacher/student in “the way” that you see around from time to time in television and film, but what makes this rehash narrative trope work though is Eastman himself. He breaks the foil of some of the standard stereotype depiction by being a balding middle-aged white man instead of the painfully obvious old man and/or ethnic stereotype you get with these storyline (he’s not OB1 Kenobi that’s for sure). He and Morgen worked well of each other in their dynamic, and despite how he was lead to die in the episode (expected given this is a past recollection), it was surprisingly rather calm, given the show’s history, on part of Eastman as though he was just doing a chore in the garage and not kill himself. Eastman’s beginning, middle and end throughout this episode was brilliantly written and acted by the talented John Carroll Lynch who brought this affable good ol’ boy Yoda with a dark past to the role.

Overall this was an excellent background episode that helps to cement Morgan as a well-developed and relatable character within the show, through how he became the present wiser high-sticking man he is now from the crazy wall painter from an earlier season, a good episode with decent cinematography and stellar story writing to enjoy while AMC continues to wind its audience to the present fates of our other main characters.

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