Ash vs. The Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 2 “Bait.”: A Review.


Show: Ash vs. The Evil Dead.
Season: 1.
Episode: 2 “Bait.”
Written by: Dominic Dierkes.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 30 min.

In the second installment we see Ash and his motley crew sit down to a dinner with a questionable amnesiac and her sweater wearing husband as Ash and Pablo ride to Kelly’s rescue, meanwhile Amanda is closing in on Ash as she tries to figure out what happened during the night she killed her partner.

Oh yes, the glorious slashy goodness was to be had this episode, filled with so much collateral blood spray you can practically smell the stocks rising in Towelette Wipes. Poor Pablo gets splashed so much by blood that one could play a drinking game for every time he’s hit and get properly sloshed before the end credits.

The camera work had some creativity this episode, some nice angle shots and some sort of gun mounted camera shot that added a nice effect to the off kilter atmosphere that this show is saturated in, and the over the top almost 80’s/early 90’s slasher special effects that we also saw in the first episode was continued with a nice creative moment of slashery as Ash gives final notice to his boss.

Pablo also grew on viewers a bit this episode, the character dynamic that is evolving between him and Ash was great to watch, filled with good balance of humour and hero worship, and Pablo armed with his broken bottle beside Ash as they readied for battle was just to precious to behold.

Overall an enjoyable episode with some good Campbelling, perhaps not overly plot rich or character developing, but an enjoyably violent romp nonetheless.

Sorry no Lawless sightings this episode folks.


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