Ash vs. The Evil Dead Season 1 Episode 3 “Books From Beyond.”: A Review.

“Boned”, meme using clipart from AVTED, ep. 3.

Show: Ash vs. The Evil Dead.
Season: 1.
Episode: 3 “Books From Beyond.”
Written by: Sean Clements.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 30 min.

The collective squeal of Lawless fans deafens the digital plain this evening as we get our first longer than one minute presence of Lucy Lawless in the opening of this week’s episode as the gang goes to the bookstore for a little story time.

The technical end of things had a more contemporary feel this episode in the special effects that went into the demon that the crew summons to try to get answers, which was not bad for a television show for depiction of a supernatural entity, and was a perfect little sinisterism that rather hearkens back to fond memories of the Silent Hill franchise. Further, The bunch of pickled birds and unborn embryos was also a nice touch for the atmosphere of the store, though why they are their precisely does leave a question mark that will never get answered. Perhaps party treats from Hawkins weekly book club meeting?

From the character end of things, Lawless displays the first instances of good mysterious badassery as Ruby Knowby, doing a decent job of winding the viewers in wondering what her part is in all this is, particularly after her little tete-a-tete with daddy Fork Eye, with a nice edition in a brief bit where she seems to be sensing the book being opened likely miles from her location, seeming to imply some sort of supernatural connection between her and The Evil, which is interesting. Otherwise there wasn’t much else that really stood out character-wise in the episode, which was unfortunate, considering this is where Amanda and the rest of the squad meet up for the first time (though Pablo’s first meeting with her was somewhat entertaining at least).

Another stand-out for the episode was the iteration of the background of the book, which was well portrayed in some well rendered illustration, narrated decently by Hawkins, and the added revelation that someone really stupid or really evil/corrupt could be the only ones to use the book was amusing on part of what it says about Ash, and interesting in part of what it says about Hawkins, though he is not around long enough to benefit much from that. The drawback to this scene, and where viewers are likely rolling their eyes, is the revelation that Ash has to look inside himself to find the answer to stopping it all, rather old hat and overused unless they decided to do something different with it.

Overall not a bad episode, Ruby and the demon being the interesting figures in this episode, and some mildly decent atmosphere in regards to the bookshop (if a little hooky at times), and the first meeting between Amanda and Ash was not as overly interesting as viewers might have hoped, though perhaps somewhat not surprising in how it would play out.

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