The Muppets “To Hot To Handler”: A Review.

Show: The Muppets.
Season: 1.
Episode: “To Hot To Handler.”
Story by: Margee Magee and Angeli Millan.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 20 min.

In this week’s episode we see more relationships being exercised both romantically and friendship-wise as Scooter’s suave dorkiness is irresistible to Chelsea Handler and Kermit’s over protective instincts in regards to Fozzie cause him to interfere in his best friend’s latest romantic relationship.

Here we see another episode that has been utilizing the teaching-a-moral formula of a type like the kind normally found in children’s shows and actually applying this quite well towards adults with some success. Nowadays there is often little in the way of something both entertaining and trying to teach you something overtly that geared towards adults, yet the show has presented a few episodes now in which they do exactly that by presenting a moral story within the foil of The Muppets by using the adult contemporary humour and cinematic styles and mockumentary sitcom genre, worked through the filter of nostalgia of our favorite puppets, an inherent association for any adult that has ever watched TV growing up. Provided that it doesn’t venture into preachiness, this is something I support in a show.

As usual, any extended dialogue between Fozzie and Kermit is the highlight of any episode, especially when one of the two story arcs is centered on those two specifically. Their friendship dynamic is just so fascinating to watch, evidenced in there hash out with each other at the end of the episode which was funny, enlightening, good for character growth, and clever without degenerating into being syrupy hand hold kumbyah-ing.

Denise actually wasn’t bad this episode, which was somewhat refreshing, as there was some good growth for her as a character as well in this episode, and her scenes where she casually reveals her more sorted background of the variety Kermit was looking for in Becky was amusing to witness, and her no-nonsense way of dealing with Kermit actually worked in this episode, peaking her likability up a small notch.

Scooter’s arc was sort of sweet in his initial interactions with Handler and his crush, though that’s quickly lost as the show lays on his character trope a little thick. His conversation with Pepe and Rizzo was mildly amusing, but Scooter was not the strongest part of the show. His best portrayal was in the previous episode where he was boss for a while, utilizing his character trope and challenging and combining it in a situation outside of it; it’s a shame we didn’t see more of that this episode.

Overall, not a bad episode that had some decent Kermit and Fozzie, and Denise moments surprisingly enough, with some good jokes (Dudley and The Electric mayhem in the background), though it suffered from Scooter’s arc somewhat, so not a weak episode, it’s not the strongest one either.

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