Une Noce en Enfer: A Review.

Film Short: Une Noce en Enfer.
Directed by: Yannick Boireau, Pierre Butet, Magali Garnier, and Clémence Maret.
Released: 2015.
Running Time: 2.52 min.

This French animated short produced from the ever popular GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, tells the colorful story of a little girl named Rachelle who takes her pretend play a little to drastically, much to the pets despair.

Let’s start with the technical, because the animation is definitely where this film shines. There is a presence of individual style here, a great tell of thought in the character designs, the colour palate is just the right amount of shades and tones to make everything pop perfectly, just the right amount of exaggeration where it was needed with very smooth movement and excellent pace.

The little girl was delightfully grotesque and cute at the same time, and the actress who played Rachelle worked believably well and was able to portray a great deal of boisterousness. The expressions on the aggrieved rodent and cat were also chuckle worthy, and the chicken playing the wedding march was amusing.

The story, as short as it was, worked its humour well, escalating quickly and entertainingly all the way through the end credits. Some people might have issues with some of the violence in regards to the animals, but then again, this is not meant to be an innocent cartoon. Its good if one is even slightly disturbed by the darker humour as slapstick as it comes across, that’s part of the point of it, a little girl taking things too far.

Overall, this was a brilliant little short with obvious talent going into its production. It had a well-paced plot, smooth well designed animation, and some supreme funny moments.

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