Screen Squinty’s Top 10 Winter Holiday Themed Web Videos

Hello All! Welcome to another Screen Squinty’s list in which I lay out, in no particular order,some of my favorite interwebs shorts and episodes for the holiday season.

1. The Six Christmas Movies You Live Through. By CollegeHumour.


The Six Christmas Movies You Live Through. (screenshot) 2012. Image property of CollegeHumour.

What is great about this holiday short is that it takes some of the popular Christmas special tropes and progresses them throughout this one character’s has a fun relatability for some folks to the progressions of outlook on the holidays throughout one’s aging process with each sequence was well put together with some good attention to detail and a great narrator.

Watch at:

2.Nostalgia Critic: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer by Nostalgia critic/Channel Awesome.


Nostalgia Critic: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Screenshot), 2014. image property of Nostalgia critic/Channel Awesome.

It’s a Christmas special in and of itself as well as an analysis of a really bad one.

Our gun wielding hero tackles this animated feature that was based off of a really schlocky song that still somehow survives its own near death by I roll of the general public each year.

Critic’s approach to it is delightful combination of keen filmatic analysis, one-liners, and his own scholocky beginning with a rather insane and visually colorful morass of insanity at the end in all its glorious red and green flash.

Watch at:

3. Scary Snowman. by The Scary Snowman.


Scary Snowman Christmas Prank, Season 2 ep 3 (screenshot) 2011. Image property of The Scary Snowman.

To me, a snowman has always been a symbol for the holiday season, whether it’s happening at Christmas or not, and evil Snowmen have always been a particularly amusing sight to me since a Calvin and Hobbs comic I saw way back in my eye sparkly years, so I have put down this channel with its evil snowman jump scare on unsuspecting public as a collective favorite of shorts for Christmas viewing.

Watch at:

4. A Very Hellsing Christmas Special. By TeamFourStar.


A Very Hellsing Christmas Special (screenshot) 2014. Image property of TeamFourStar.

There is just something about parodying Hellsing using Christmas that really gets me *pats chest* right here you know?

Watch at:

5. It’s a Sad Christmas Larry. By ExplosimEntertainment/Cyanide and Happiness.


It’s a Sad Christmas Larry  (screenshot) 2013. image property of ExplosimEntertainment/Cyanide and Happiness.

Some of you may be wondering why this one ended up here, especially as it is somewhat depressing in its tone, but that is in part what makes it good.

The Sad Larry segments always hold a special place in my heart because they take the tragic everything that can happen to one person during the holidays and run with it to the point where Larry becomes a sort of pathetic dark humour figure.

Some forms of humour or drama can go to that middle point where comedy and tragedy derive from each other. The fact that it’s Christmas themed just highlights this quality of Sad Larry in particular simply because of the rosy glasses sentiments that is stereotyped for this time of year.

Can be watched:

6.Christmas Face. by Rhett and Link.


Christmas Face (screenshot), 2013. Image property of Rhett and Link.

The fellas from Good Mythical Morning have always had this great chemistry together and their programming always brings a smile to my face. In this Holiday short from their Rhett and Link channel we see the holiday put on their face in a sort of 80’s style musical number.

I loved the creativity with the face make-up, and the expression of the make-up artist was amusing.

Watch at:

7. Smoke My Christmas. Distributed by Goeblins.


Smoke My Christmas (screenshot), 2010. Image property of Goeblins.

In this animated short, you get a combination of a vaguely Santa Claus-like down on his luck hobo who is given a psychedelic Wonderland fantasy trip for Christmas.

As with everything else that comes out of Goeblins, the team of De Clément Desnos, Jean-David Fabre, Julien Perron, Rémi Salmon, Vincent Verniers present a very well put together and imaginative blackish satire that displays an excellent visual scope of imagery and detail as well as great character designs, particularly on the protagonist.

Watch at:

8. The Ringing of the Bells: Muppet Music Video. by The Muppets.


The Ringing of the Bells: Muppet Music Video (Screenshot), 2009. Image property of Disney.

There is just something about Disney’s The Muppets singing classic songs, and in this case the really funny trio of Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal doing a classic Christmas carol with all the expected results is just worth a watch.

Watch at:

9.Simon’s Cat – Christmas Presence (Part 1 & 2!). By Simon’s Cat.


Simon’s Cat – Christmas Presence Part 1 & 2! (Screenshot), 2014. image property of Simon’s Cat.

I always enjoy a good episode from Simon’s Cat, and the Christmas episodes don’t disappoint. Watching the cat interact with the toy Santa decoration was really enjoyable and has a natural slice of life flow to it that somewhat sums up Christmas decorations at times for both animals and humans alike.

Watch at:

10. Santa Claus: Civil War. by CartoonHooligans.


Santa Claus: Civil War (screenshot), 2015. Image property of CartoonHooligans.

In this short by CartoonHooligans, they combined Santa Claus with the premise and imagery from the trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie that is coming out May of 2016.

As usual, CartoonHooligan’s style is a fun, mockepic treat to look at, and the idea of the Santa (personifying Captain America’s role) and the Tony Elf, is both amusing and strangely apropos. The dialogue, with its super serious voice actors that could be pulled right out of an epic superhero movie saying these particular lines, induces a fair amount of chuckling and is the best part of the short.

Watch at:

Well, so there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the list, comment and tell me what your favorite web based Christmas content you enjoy the most!


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