The Seven Days of Christmas: iZombie.

With only a week until Christmas, for those of my readers who celebrate, I shall be dedicating the remaining week until the big day doing reviews of Christmas themed films and shows with Christmas themed episodes in no particular order.

note“On the 7th day of Christmas (because that’s how he roles),
Your Screen Squinty gave to thee…”note

iZombie’s “Cape Town”.

In the 9th episode of the second season, the plucky zombie crime solver Liz explores her masked hero side when she eats the brain of a murdered vigilante. Meanwhile Major is out doing his reluctant zombie hunting duties, and has a heart to heart conversation with one of his potential victims.

As far as a Christmas episode goes, it wasn’t so much a Christmas themed one. It was more along the lines of a regular episode that just happens to be the equivalent of wearing a festive sweater without any of the commitment.

For what the episode was outside of the decorations though, it wasn’t a bad one. We get some further developments in the tainted utopium with the edition of a possible new character that has been zombified by Liv, which has some vague potential, but might just be tossed in the fade to background closet, only to be unearthed as a plot device later and promptly disposed of.

The strongest positive for the episode though had to be the side arc between Major and Natalie the zombie hooker (as she refers to herself). Their conversation was a nice serious moment that provided a real glimpse into a part of the zombie culture (trust me this show does need to utilize its world building a bit more), and also the perspective of a third party individual essentially explaining to Major (who lets admit isn’t exactly portrayed as the brightest bulb with relationships) the same facts that Liv explained to him, but without the emotional baggage bias attached.

The strongest character was Natalie, who explained her life as a call girl before she was zombified in a refreshingly positive light, rare for a television show, even now, and clearly contrasted her experiences between before and after she became said undead sex worker, a nice clarifying touch. This was a pleasant surprise for such a “take the safe road” type of show.

The only other thing worth mentioning is my favorite unintentionally funny scene in the end.

While I am sure few eyes were left unmoved from the excessive rollage that happened when Liv and Major yet again broke up, this unsurprising moment of drama was actually undermined by the “White Christmas” carol music being sung by classic Como in the background. When Major says: “Your breaking up with me?” there is this delightful moment that takes you out of the drama as he’s saying it as Como cheerfully whistles in the background. It made a rather overused yawner scene rather…well, overused still, but also hilarious.

The episode overall does a few things that go outside of its usual comfort box, which was good, there was some great character moments, some decent dialogue, some other things happen that aren’t bad but not overly wow worthy, and an unintentionally amusing moment, but it still suffers from its own overused cliché in part of the Liv and Major relationship, and didn’t exactly utilize its decoration theme in the plot except as decorations. Just a decent regular episode you can watch any ol’ time.



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