The Seven Days of Christmas: Pinky and the Brain.

note“On the 5th day of Christmas (because that’s how he roles),
Your Screen Squinty gave to thee…”note

Pinky and the Brain: “A Pinky and the Brain Christmas.”

This was episode 12 from the first season of the spin-off show Pinky and the Brain (1995-98). In this episode everyone’s favorite Orwellian mouse Brain (Maurice LaMarche) and his partner Pinky (Rob Paulsen) set about their nightly hobby of trying to take over the world in one night, this time utilizing the manufacturing power of Santa’s workshop to create and distribute a billion hypnotizing dolls, while the enthusiastic Pinky just wants to deliver his very special letter to Santa.

This is perhaps a personal favorite for anyone who watched the show because it displayed the best of both characters while at the same time providing some great references and a creative premise, but also had some surprisingly sappy, yet workable, dramatic moments as well.
One of the strengths that lie within this episode is their utilization of time given how little they had. Nothing was wasted as each scene evolved into another in a seamless and well paced plot progression without sacrificing any key elements necessary to the story nor anything overstaying its welcome either.

The dynamic of Brain and Pinky during the holiday was well done -though the excellent dialogue between these two is one of the show’s strengths- both represented two strong personalities that many people are likely familiar with around the holidays, such as Brain representing the personality that isn’t overly impressed with the holiday unless it is directly useful or directly affects him, while Pinky meanwhile is that sort of child-like excitable personality that is just so into all the elements of the holiday, its almost a dire necessity. The contrast of their points of view around this is actually rather interesting and funny to watch, and Brain’s reaction to Pinky’s holiday enthusiasm provides some of the best humour in the episode.

The ending of this episode is also rather fascinating, in that as those who have watched the show know, Brain’s plans to take over the world always end in failure and giving the show its Sisyphean-like fervor, but in this episode, something slightly different happens, yet without stepping out of the show’s overarching theme, something that through Brain’s own choices puts to light both Brain as an individual and his relationship with Pinky.

Sure the ending can also be considered sappy in part by today’s standard, but when you keep in mind everything that Brain has striven for suddenly coming to a head with his personal relationship with Pinky, it’s actually a somewhat understandable, though still over the top reaction on his part.

Overall this is an enjoyable, and extremely fun, Christmas special that should be given a watch no matter your age group.



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