Screen Squinty’s Top Favorite Animation AMV’s (or Equivelent).

In this section I will list out a selection of my top favorite AMV’s based on animated shows and films or characters that have since been animated, and shows with strong animated elements that are listed in no particular order.

So Close (Rose & Pearl) ✫ Steven Universe AMV

I particularly enjoyed this one created by PurviewProductions for it’s wonderful depiction of Rose and Pearl from the television show Steven Universe, one of my favorite Romances from television (one that should be given a bit more screen time in my opinion, but that’s a personal opinion).

The Musical choice of “So Close” from the Enchanted soundtrack was a great choice, nothing to poppy, but very well suited for the content being depicted.

 AMV – [MEP] Anime’s Got Talent

This is an amv that was pure fun both to watch, listen to, and in concept.

The editor did a fantastic job of utilizing various sources to create a sort of Got Talent reality show parody using various characters. I think my laugh of amusement was particularly loud when Vegta leaped on stage.

The creator did a good job of creating a coherent, smooth presentation that worked seamlessly well, and the music was perfectly chosen for the visuals and concept.

 「AMV」Anime Mix- Murder Melody

This AMV caught my attention not to long ago, and was glad it did.

This AmV took a variety of images from different animes and combined it with just the right song to create a nice little macabre number that highlights some of the fun yet darker themes and images strewn out the popular animated medium.

One Piece AMV- Get Up.

This one is purely instrumental, but what is so enjoyable about it is the great imagery and editing choices from One Piece from finish to end with some great cinematic epic style music. You get not only a good sense of a story line here, which is something not always done in AMV’s, but you get a sense of the emotion and connection that was part and partial of the cannon. This was a nice homage to the source material.

FARSCAPE – The Wonders I’ve Seen

The editor of this AMV did an amazing job in capturing the pure visual splendor that was this show, emphasizing the computer animation, animatronics, make-up artistry and puppet animation that made up Farscape.

I wasn’t able to post the video here through the youtube selector, so click this link here, its well worth the watch, promise.

Steven Universe MV: Finale (Madeon)

This AMV was created by mkatwood, based again on the Steven Universe content, highlighted more the action unique/quirky visuals that the show was known for as  well as the emotional connections.

The  editing was very tight in this one, attention to transitions and the timing with particular attention to timing in relation to the lyrics and pace of the song, which was “Finale” by Madeon.

 Team Gargoyles ( Teen Titans ) Fan Made Intro

This was a fun little fanmade intro that did a decent job combining Gargoyles with the Teen Titan intro.

the editor kept in mind the style of image presentation from Teen Titans, and did a decent job applying it to the Gargoyles imagery, everything was well timed with the intro lyrics, and an overall fun little number.

How Far We’ve Come – Gravity Falls AMV

This AMV did a good job at capturing the essence of the show Gravity Falls, by capturing some of the overarching narrative’s darker themes with the humor and light heartedness as well as the weirdness that was this show. This was a nice homage to the end of a great show.

Bitter and Sick ✨Rick and Morty AMV

This AMV, while not exactly catching the humor of the source material, did do a good job in accenting the sort of tired nihilism that ran throughout the show, and chose a decent song to combine with the imagery to portray the overall concept quite well.

Miles Morales – This song saved my life

While this isn’t technically from an animation, Miles Moralies was in an episode or two of the latest TV series incarnation of Spiderman, so it sort of counts.

What made this one in particular stand out was the good use of comic book images combined with the emotion of the song. It felt like a really good introduction into Miles, and his motivations as the new spider man.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my personal favorites, comment and let me know what your favorite amv’s are.





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