Screen Squinty’s “Firework Jontron Remix” Review.

Film Short: Firework Full Cover (JonTron Offical).
Created by: JonTronShow, Alex S., Mike Bedsole, Michael Gregory,  and to many animators to name here.
Released: 2016.
Running Time: 4.16 min.

This is an animated musical video remix that was a promise made to the donators by Jontron for a Livestream charity event for “Teach For America,” in which he promised to sing the entirety of Katy Perry’s hit “Firework” if they reached their donation goal, which they did at 25,000$. It was originally released as a song onto SoundCloud but it was taken down, so they took the song created, and through the help of several great talents, created a glorious animated amalgam of a music video.

JonTron did a rather stellar job with his singing. He put a great deal of power, a little pizzazz, and something uniquely him into the Perry song that, even if he wasn’t a professional pop-star, made it enjoyable as be-all to listen to and watch, emphasizing that sometimes the intent and approach to a song number can outweigh the glitz of record label polish, and was also helped by the fact that JonTron actually has a naturally booming power-punch quality to his singing voice, even if its a bit raw.

The animation meanwhile was supreme A-game from the various talents around the web that was utilized (and way too many to name here, which can be checked out on YouTube) yet they all kept their various styles somewhat cohesive to the main theme of the song and JonTron as their consistent focus. Some of the animation styles were funny, some of it was gorgeous, and they all did a great job.

The best part about this vid though was that they took the main point of the song, a sort of nod to self-empowerment of the unique individual, and preserved it within the very construction and final result of this piece. It felt like a nice homage to the popular song, but at the same time preserve its own self-empowered unique identity. It made the message both much more entertaining, real, and easy to relate to over the original music video.

Overall this has been one of the better remixes I have ever come across, and well worth the view, whether you’re a fan of Katy Perry music or not.

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“Firework” by Katy Perry:




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