Screen Squinty’s Top 5 DCAnimation AMV’s

Here is my top 5 list of favorite fanmade amv’s using DC Animation Content from either the feature films, shorts, or TV shows found on youtube (in no particular order).

1.”DC Comics Heroes AMV” – By Poture Bhabesh.

This creator did an excellent job utilizing content from the DC Showcase Cinema Animation shorts, with a decent balance of appearances Between Green Arrow, Catwomen, Specter, Shazam, and Jonah Hex.

There was some excellent uses of timing, particularly in the beginning, and the choice of “War of Change” by Thousand Foot Crunch works well with many of the personalities displayed, particularly Specter, Jonah Hex and Catwomen.

2. “DC AMV”- By Parasitic Music Videos.

This had a good focus on the more violent aspects that was inherent in both the feature animated films and the television shows, which was highlighted well by the choice of “Painkiller” by Three Days Grace.

The variety of focus was also a visual treat guessing game, particularly for those who have enjoyed both the movie and television franchises over the decades.

3.”tribute Joker Smooth Criminal Micheal Jackson, L’indiscret Joker amv”-by Tonnerdark.

While the color changing can come across as unnecessary, there is just something about the idea of the Joker singing “Are you ok Annie?” over and over again, something i can seriously see him do. The creator also used the more comical beaver toothed Joker from The Batman series, which was a good choice to accent the comedy of the amv.

4.”Harley Quinn-Hit and Run AMV”- by Nemesis of Cupid.

This was a tightly put together AMV tribute to the Suicide Squad animated version of Harley Quinn with the use of LOLO’s “Hit and Run” to round out the fun of the character, something that we will all get to enjoy (Hopefully) with the release of Suicide Squad, the feature film version of Assault on Arkham.

5. “Justice League Flashpoint AMV”- by PinkKttsyan340.

What makes this AMV good is not so much any particular theme or character given emphasis, but more along the lines of taking the finest qualities of the source material, Justice League Flash Point, and highlights some of the best visuals, brutality, and tragedy that was part of the film.

“Forsaken” By Within Temptation has a music style that very adequately highlights the style of the animated feature and it was utilized well here with some good editing.

Well that’s all for now folk, if you enjoyed this top list check out my others here.

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