Screen Squinty’s “Dead of Summer” Season 1, Ep.2 Review.

Show: Dead Of Summer.
Produced By: Freeform.
Season: 1.
Episode: 2, “Barney Rubble Eyes.”
Released: 2016.
Running Time: 41 min.

The second episode Camp Stillwater see’s the arrival of the campers, one of whom is being haunted by a mysterious tall man in the woods, meanwhile our polo-wearing pepsi ad commercial trope from the first episode takes center stage by being flushed out in a series of flashbacks.

First, what was good about this episode?

Alex Powell (Ronen Rubinstein) getting development in this episode, and some surprisingly good development as someone who was treated to prejudice growing up in the climate of America’s cold war anti-Russian rhetoric which consequentially caused him to hide his heritage to avoid discrimination. Despite him hiding his heritage, he visits ruthless  retribution on those who have subjugated or tormented those of fellow heritage, a ruthlessness visited on those who are in his way in general really, even friends.

The shift in focus of characters from both episodes, particularly as good girl next door is still one of the weakest of the lot, and the time for development for Alex outside of his character tropes shows promise that the show may not go down some tired routes after all, and that the focus wont hopefully be on one or two of the same characters through out the show.

Though its more wait and see for the others so far, this still being early days.

On the negative side, there wasn’t much horror in this episode, baring Blotter being blotted out, and Anton the camper’s interaction with The Tall man, and a new player in a townie drug dealer who seems to know more then he’s letting on, but over all not much in terms of the imagery and scares from the first episode.

Overall it was an episode mainly used to flush out one of the characters, introduce a few plot elements and other characters, and stoke the mystery a bit. A necessary episode, though not an overly exciting one, and as long as they keep a balance between the development of the horror elements and narrative and character development in future episodes instead of one extreme over the other, such as what they did with episodes 1 and 2 so far, then show should at least do decently well.

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