Screen Squinty’s “Dead of Summer, S1 E3” Reveiw

Show: Dead Of Summer.
Produced By: Freeform.
Season: 1.
Episode: 3, “Mixed Tape.”
Released: 2016.
Running Time: 41-45 min.

The third installment of the first season this time centers on the character Cricket (Amber Coney), whose background is explored a bit more, while a few behind the scenes supernatural secret hi jinks reach a climactic moment.

Cricket’s identity of the one dimensional character trope of low self-esteem girl, in this case tied to her looks (*rolls eyes* ) is expanded upon here, but other than her issues being explained (which was admittedly done well) and her overcoming this short coming, was not exactly the best character development.

Certainly her embracing her body for what it is was a decent conclusion and does present a good moral message for the kiddies out there, but otherwise if it weren’t for the fact this was happening on a possessed bit of camp ground, it would have read like any other tired out teenager/pre-teen drama show.

No matter how bad or good a trope is done, without anything else added to a character, static is static. Though hopefully this will be rectified with further growth in later episodes.

The blooming romance between Drew and Blair might be interesting but it’s still earl days to see if anything interesting happens there since dynamic between the two hasn’t been really fleshed out at all in terms of chemistry or as individuals yet.

The only really worthwhile thing about the episode was of course the introduction of a mysterious mask wearing secret society lurking in the bushes, which has a few recognizable members who are both unsurprising, and the climatic ending that you hope has done its job and taken out one of the least interesting of the characters.

Overall while the ending keeps you hooked for the next episode, it wasn’t as good as the previous one was at character building its focus.

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