Screen Squinty’s Top 10 DC Animation Fanart.

With The Killing Joke only days away for theater release (at least where I am) and so close to the DVD release on august 5, I thought about what type of animation i could be expecting and this got me to thinking about how people view and interpret DC Animation characters in their own styles or pay homage to DC Animation Styles in their works, so here is a top list in no particular order of importance of some of my favorite fanart that I have come across over time related to the content and style of DC Animation.

*To see these images in their actual sizes, please visit the provided source links.

1. Dark Knight- By Dan Mora.


This beautiful piece of Digital art fanart is a depiction of the characters from The Dark Knight Rises (2012) the second installment in the live action Nolan-verse Batman trilogy, done in the style of DC Animation character designs from heavy hitter Bruce Timm.

The Picture can be found at:

2. “Harley Quinn and Poision Ivy Playing with Hyenas”- by Ricken-Art.


This fanart is a beautiful comic book style of everyone’s favorite team up that originated from Batman: The Animated Series. Not only is it attractive and professionally done, it has a great set-up of a sleep over party with a reluctant Poison Ivy inside what appears to be on of her giant flowers.

The Picture can be found at:

3. “Two Face, Part One and Two Poster art”- By George Caltsoudas.

This is more two images related to each other but done as a cover art homage to the two-parter season 1 episode “Two Face” on Batman the Animated Series.  What makes this good is the classic first season character design combined with George Caltsoudas detailed noir style depicted here with nice emphasis on the character’s two headed coin trademark as a theme overlaid on a Gotham skyline.

The Picture can be found at:

4. “Teen Titans Group Casual Dress”- By Gretwsky.

This is a great fanart piece based off of Teen Titans series  with the team portrayed by casual dress with these and  great expressions an unique character style to the artist, but at the same time still recognizable enough from the inspiring source material.

The picture can be found at:

5. “Harley Meets Freakazoid”- by Dorkly.


This is a great mash up of  Harley Quinn and Freakazoid from the show of the same name, a 1990’s spin off of the popular show Animaniacs. Seeing the costume switch and both their expressions was hilarious, particularly Freakazoid’s, especially if your familiar with the source material.

The picture can be found at:

6. “Batman/Gargoyles Crossover”- by Silvaniart.


There is just something fun and funny about an image of Batman perched atop the back of the equally stoic Goliath (from the Disney animated series Gargoyles) during his stone slumber, and the artist does a great job in capturing the humour of the moment.

The Picture can be found at:

7. “Detectives Inc. The World’s Greatest Detectives.” from The odyssey.


I am not particularly certain if this is from the author of the fan image or not, but the enjoyable stories and character interactions that could come from a team consisting of Sherlock Holmes, The Question, Batman, Rorschach and The Spirit, along with a great noir look, make this a great bit of fan art.

The picture can be found at

8. “The Creeper WIP” by uncannyknack.


Its no secret that The Creeper, whom I first encountered in Batman the Animated series, is one of my top five favorite DC characters. The artist did an excellent, more sinister rendition of the wacky character which was awesome to see especially when it was done in comic book quality art.

The Picture can be found at

9. “Catwomen the Cat Lady” by caanantheartboy.


This is a fan comic single frame is by an artist who has a great sense of humour and an eye for comic and cartoon cat references. It was fun trying to see how many i recognized, what a great crossover!

The Picture can be found at

10. “Joker” from wekilledbatman.tumblr.


I am uncertain on the name of the actual artist of this excellent piece,  nor could I read the signature with it, but whoever they are they did a great job of paying homage to the classic Batman the Animated Series Joker, arguably one of the best Jokers both in television and movie alike.

The Picture can be found at

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