Screen Squinty’s Top 10 Favorite DC Animation Moments.

Hello all, hours away from The Killing Joke in the one theater that it is playing where my stomping grounds reside and I can’t wait!

I thought for the last article before my review of the upcoming film, I would share with you some of my top 10 favorite scenes from various DC animations. They are in no particular order of importance, and I know that there is a lot of excellent material to shift through so I will only pick a small pool of selections.

Oh and there are spoilers! lots and lots of them.

1. “The Creeper Hits on Harley” from Batman the Animated Series S4 Ep23 “Beware The Creeper.”

Gosh I just love the Creeper.

As some of you may know, The Creeper is one of my favorite minor characters from the DC Animated franchise (fingers crossed for his own film) and I love this scene from his one appearance on the television series where he just lays in the violence, casually takes out Batman, and delusionaly hits on Harley.

2. “Justice League vrs. The Flash” from Justice League, S2 Ep14 “Eclipse part 2.”

 This was a favorite versus scene from Justice League animated series, another of my favorite shows. The wisecracking Flash suddenly facing off against 5 big powerhouse superheros under the influence of a malevolent force. This scene displayed both his knowledge of his friends and his own skills, but also his keen mind to think through a dangerous situation.

3.  “The Death of Joker” from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000).

One of the Top 3 favorite movies so far when many fans think of the DC Animated franchise.

This is primarily for the scene in which we see the fate of the original Joker we are familiar with from the television series.  it was the most twisted and dark scene that came out of the franchise during that period and still stands up today for sheer raw impact.

4. “Harley Goes Shopping” from Batman the Animated Series S3 E25 “Harley’s Holiday”.

This was Harley without Joker for once, and a personal favorite episode from the series.

What made this particular scene great was the sheer comedy of Harley’s personality out in Gotham. Her disconnect from the expectations of normalcy from others was fascinating to watch, and not only that, her encounter with Bruce and his girlfriend (friend? never was sure) was especially hilarious.

5. “Batman under The Hood Ending Scene” from Batman Under the Hood (2010).

There is just something about watching this scene, the fascinating byplay between the once Robin, Batman, and Joker really made this film. I particularly enjoyed Joker’s reaction to Batman and Red Hood’s conversation.

6. “Batman Kills the Joker” from Batman : The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (2013).

There is just something about the death of a Joker that really catches you. The dark, twisted (and in this case super violent) in a sort of intimacy and tragedy that is part of those scenes whether in comic book, video game, or animated film just makes any of these particularly poignant, especially when its Batman who does it.

7. “Trigun Slade Wishes Raven a Happy Birthday” from Teen Titans, S4 E3 “Birthmark.”

I loved this episode from the series. It was a sort of conclusion to Raven’s personal story arc.

What made this scene a favorite was the dreamlike confrontation between Slade and Raven as he informs her of her future. It was well animated and expressed the character’s personal horror, and Slade being Slade so well.

8. “Batman Sings” from Justice League Unlimited, S1 E5 ,”The Little Piggy.”

This was a singularly odd episode from the show, but it did have some marvelous scenes, including Circe forcing Batman to give up one of his deep dark secrets.

9. “Model Mayham” from Batman Mask Of the Phantasm (1993).

This is a favorite movie of mine from the animated films, which i wont go into why, as all of you have likely read it in my earlier review  already.

I loved this scene just because it was such a typically Joker battle scene, and the scene had a perfect (though perhaps a smidge obvious) metaphor of the two great giants of Gotham, Criminal/Justice, Insanity/Reason dukeing it out with the city as their battle ground is not lost on anyone.

10. “Mxyzpixilated” from Superman: The Animated Series, S2 E8.


This one might be cheating a little since its mostly an entire episode, but the episode runs like one long scene in which Superman must contend with a supernatural being with a complicated name. it was both funny, and showed how Superman wasn’t all muscle and that he could outwit an opponent from time to time.

if you want to watch it (and since i didn’t want to put an entire episode up here just in case) you can google it, there are plenty of posts for the episode online.

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