Hey All!

Well, its the fall and so many nifty things happening!

We have various film festivals going on in the Indie sector, we have Oscar bait starting its rounds in the movie theaters along with a few interesting feature releases, the beginning of the fall season for TV shows, and of course for all little reviewers who are academically inclined to return to the vaunted halls of cerebral stuffing.

Yours truly is of the later, as I shall be returning to the hermit cave constructed from my blood, sweat, tears, and high lighters.

As such, this means that my reviews will take longer to put out because of time constraints. Though I will still be doing a Halloween Special this coming October, a few film and TV season premieres for the fall, and an increase in attention to Indie and student made productions (since I will be attending a lot of film festivals).

You might have also noticed a few new things up:


This is a fan section dedicated to the Star Trek Franchise where I will share links and such to favorite things related to the franchise.

 Beam Me Up:

A Facebook page similar to above, but with a lot more content.




Thanks for the Squint,

Screen Squinty.