Hello! I am Screen Squinty!

The purpose of this blog site is to review movies, shorts, fan made material, and television/online shows as well as posting the occasional article, perhaps even a visual reaction of a piece, as I go along. This blog will help me to further understanding cinema, television/online shows, reactions to them and how to articulate that knowledge.

The material will likely be stuff that ranges from all over the timeline, as I think somethings deserve to still be acknowledged, and I do enjoy material from all times in history, though for the most part I will try to stick to more recent releases.

Not all of it will be Western mainstream stuff, expect some of the material being reviewed to be international at times as well.

I also tend to gravitate towards Animation, Horror, and Fantasy and some Comedy, though I will occasionally meander from my set staples upon occasion.

I am always eager for comments and criticisms as I try to improve, so please leave a comment if you can, even if only to say that you liked it or not, it helps me to be a better reviewer.



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