Sunnyside: A Review.

Series: Sunnyside.
Season: 1.
Episode: 1
Running time: 20 min.

Sunnyside is a Canadian Sketch comedy series that features various skits throughout the city of Sunnyside such as a couple with a bleeding wall, a coffee house run by Shaytan, and an advice giving manhole instead of internet.

This show has some hits and misses in humour depending on your tastes, but some of the jokes are original and spoof some standard tropes from other genres, such as the bleeding wall, a trope from horror. Some of the jokes can fall a little flat here and there, but combined altogether into this wacky little town, it actually works. The best joke that worked for this particular first episode would have to be the down on his luck shmuck who finds a top hat that makes him lucky. His progress and resolution of the joke was well executed, particularly as it was entirely without dialogue for this skit.

The acting was not bad, but you could tell that some of the skits worked better or worse with the cast then others, though you can tell there is some love for what they are doing with some of them and comes out in the skits.

Not a bad start to this show and while it’s no Saturday Night Live, its own thing without trying to be like other skit shows, and that’s good and an overall decent start to this series.

*Sunnyside first episode: