Screen Squinty’s Top 10 Favorite DC Animation Moments.

Hello all, hours away from The Killing Joke in the one theater that it is playing where my stomping grounds reside and I can’t wait!

I thought for the last article before my review of the upcoming film, I would share with you some of my top 10 favorite scenes from various DC animations. They are in no particular order of importance, and I know that there is a lot of excellent material to shift through so I will only pick a small pool of selections.

Oh and there are spoilers! lots and lots of them.

1. “The Creeper Hits on Harley” from Batman the Animated Series S4 Ep23 “Beware The Creeper.”

Gosh I just love the Creeper.

As some of you may know, The Creeper is one of my favorite minor characters from the DC Animated franchise (fingers crossed for his own film) and I love this scene from his one appearance on the television series where he just lays in the violence, casually takes out Batman, and delusionaly hits on Harley.

2. “Justice League vrs. The Flash” from Justice League, S2 Ep14 “Eclipse part 2.”

 This was a favorite versus scene from Justice League animated series, another of my favorite shows. The wisecracking Flash suddenly facing off against 5 big powerhouse superheros under the influence of a malevolent force. This scene displayed both his knowledge of his friends and his own skills, but also his keen mind to think through a dangerous situation.

3.  “The Death of Joker” from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000).

One of the Top 3 favorite movies so far when many fans think of the DC Animated franchise.

This is primarily for the scene in which we see the fate of the original Joker we are familiar with from the television series.  it was the most twisted and dark scene that came out of the franchise during that period and still stands up today for sheer raw impact.

4. “Harley Goes Shopping” from Batman the Animated Series S3 E25 “Harley’s Holiday”.

This was Harley without Joker for once, and a personal favorite episode from the series.

What made this particular scene great was the sheer comedy of Harley’s personality out in Gotham. Her disconnect from the expectations of normalcy from others was fascinating to watch, and not only that, her encounter with Bruce and his girlfriend (friend? never was sure) was especially hilarious.

5. “Batman under The Hood Ending Scene” from Batman Under the Hood (2010).

There is just something about watching this scene, the fascinating byplay between the once Robin, Batman, and Joker really made this film. I particularly enjoyed Joker’s reaction to Batman and Red Hood’s conversation.

6. “Batman Kills the Joker” from Batman : The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (2013).

There is just something about the death of a Joker that really catches you. The dark, twisted (and in this case super violent) in a sort of intimacy and tragedy that is part of those scenes whether in comic book, video game, or animated film just makes any of these particularly poignant, especially when its Batman who does it.

7. “Trigun Slade Wishes Raven a Happy Birthday” from Teen Titans, S4 E3 “Birthmark.”

I loved this episode from the series. It was a sort of conclusion to Raven’s personal story arc.

What made this scene a favorite was the dreamlike confrontation between Slade and Raven as he informs her of her future. It was well animated and expressed the character’s personal horror, and Slade being Slade so well.

8. “Batman Sings” from Justice League Unlimited, S1 E5 ,”The Little Piggy.”

This was a singularly odd episode from the show, but it did have some marvelous scenes, including Circe forcing Batman to give up one of his deep dark secrets.

9. “Model Mayham” from Batman Mask Of the Phantasm (1993).

This is a favorite movie of mine from the animated films, which i wont go into why, as all of you have likely read it in my earlier review  already.

I loved this scene just because it was such a typically Joker battle scene, and the scene had a perfect (though perhaps a smidge obvious) metaphor of the two great giants of Gotham, Criminal/Justice, Insanity/Reason dukeing it out with the city as their battle ground is not lost on anyone.

10. “Mxyzpixilated” from Superman: The Animated Series, S2 E8.


This one might be cheating a little since its mostly an entire episode, but the episode runs like one long scene in which Superman must contend with a supernatural being with a complicated name. it was both funny, and showed how Superman wasn’t all muscle and that he could outwit an opponent from time to time.

if you want to watch it (and since i didn’t want to put an entire episode up here just in case) you can google it, there are plenty of posts for the episode online.

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Screen Squinty’s Top 10 DC Animation Fanart.

With The Killing Joke only days away for theater release (at least where I am) and so close to the DVD release on august 5, I thought about what type of animation i could be expecting and this got me to thinking about how people view and interpret DC Animation characters in their own styles or pay homage to DC Animation Styles in their works, so here is a top list in no particular order of importance of some of my favorite fanart that I have come across over time related to the content and style of DC Animation.

*To see these images in their actual sizes, please visit the provided source links.

1. Dark Knight- By Dan Mora.


This beautiful piece of Digital art fanart is a depiction of the characters from The Dark Knight Rises (2012) the second installment in the live action Nolan-verse Batman trilogy, done in the style of DC Animation character designs from heavy hitter Bruce Timm.

The Picture can be found at:

2. “Harley Quinn and Poision Ivy Playing with Hyenas”- by Ricken-Art.


This fanart is a beautiful comic book style of everyone’s favorite team up that originated from Batman: The Animated Series. Not only is it attractive and professionally done, it has a great set-up of a sleep over party with a reluctant Poison Ivy inside what appears to be on of her giant flowers.

The Picture can be found at:

3. “Two Face, Part One and Two Poster art”- By George Caltsoudas.

This is more two images related to each other but done as a cover art homage to the two-parter season 1 episode “Two Face” on Batman the Animated Series.  What makes this good is the classic first season character design combined with George Caltsoudas detailed noir style depicted here with nice emphasis on the character’s two headed coin trademark as a theme overlaid on a Gotham skyline.

The Picture can be found at:

4. “Teen Titans Group Casual Dress”- By Gretwsky.

This is a great fanart piece based off of Teen Titans series  with the team portrayed by casual dress with these and  great expressions an unique character style to the artist, but at the same time still recognizable enough from the inspiring source material.

The picture can be found at:

5. “Harley Meets Freakazoid”- by Dorkly.


This is a great mash up of  Harley Quinn and Freakazoid from the show of the same name, a 1990’s spin off of the popular show Animaniacs. Seeing the costume switch and both their expressions was hilarious, particularly Freakazoid’s, especially if your familiar with the source material.

The picture can be found at:

6. “Batman/Gargoyles Crossover”- by Silvaniart.


There is just something fun and funny about an image of Batman perched atop the back of the equally stoic Goliath (from the Disney animated series Gargoyles) during his stone slumber, and the artist does a great job in capturing the humour of the moment.

The Picture can be found at:

7. “Detectives Inc. The World’s Greatest Detectives.” from The odyssey.


I am not particularly certain if this is from the author of the fan image or not, but the enjoyable stories and character interactions that could come from a team consisting of Sherlock Holmes, The Question, Batman, Rorschach and The Spirit, along with a great noir look, make this a great bit of fan art.

The picture can be found at

8. “The Creeper WIP” by uncannyknack.


Its no secret that The Creeper, whom I first encountered in Batman the Animated series, is one of my top five favorite DC characters. The artist did an excellent, more sinister rendition of the wacky character which was awesome to see especially when it was done in comic book quality art.

The Picture can be found at

9. “Catwomen the Cat Lady” by caanantheartboy.


This is a fan comic single frame is by an artist who has a great sense of humour and an eye for comic and cartoon cat references. It was fun trying to see how many i recognized, what a great crossover!

The Picture can be found at

10. “Joker” from wekilledbatman.tumblr.


I am uncertain on the name of the actual artist of this excellent piece,  nor could I read the signature with it, but whoever they are they did a great job of paying homage to the classic Batman the Animated Series Joker, arguably one of the best Jokers both in television and movie alike.

The Picture can be found at

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Screen Squinty’s Top 5 DCAnimation AMV’s

Here is my top 5 list of favorite fanmade amv’s using DC Animation Content from either the feature films, shorts, or TV shows found on youtube (in no particular order).

1.”DC Comics Heroes AMV” – By Poture Bhabesh.

This creator did an excellent job utilizing content from the DC Showcase Cinema Animation shorts, with a decent balance of appearances Between Green Arrow, Catwomen, Specter, Shazam, and Jonah Hex.

There was some excellent uses of timing, particularly in the beginning, and the choice of “War of Change” by Thousand Foot Crunch works well with many of the personalities displayed, particularly Specter, Jonah Hex and Catwomen.

2. “DC AMV”- By Parasitic Music Videos.

This had a good focus on the more violent aspects that was inherent in both the feature animated films and the television shows, which was highlighted well by the choice of “Painkiller” by Three Days Grace.

The variety of focus was also a visual treat guessing game, particularly for those who have enjoyed both the movie and television franchises over the decades.

3.”tribute Joker Smooth Criminal Micheal Jackson, L’indiscret Joker amv”-by Tonnerdark.

While the color changing can come across as unnecessary, there is just something about the idea of the Joker singing “Are you ok Annie?” over and over again, something i can seriously see him do. The creator also used the more comical beaver toothed Joker from The Batman series, which was a good choice to accent the comedy of the amv.

4.”Harley Quinn-Hit and Run AMV”- by Nemesis of Cupid.

This was a tightly put together AMV tribute to the Suicide Squad animated version of Harley Quinn with the use of LOLO’s “Hit and Run” to round out the fun of the character, something that we will all get to enjoy (Hopefully) with the release of Suicide Squad, the feature film version of Assault on Arkham.

5. “Justice League Flashpoint AMV”- by PinkKttsyan340.

What makes this AMV good is not so much any particular theme or character given emphasis, but more along the lines of taking the finest qualities of the source material, Justice League Flash Point, and highlights some of the best visuals, brutality, and tragedy that was part of the film.

“Forsaken” By Within Temptation has a music style that very adequately highlights the style of the animated feature and it was utilized well here with some good editing.

Well that’s all for now folk, if you enjoyed this top list check out my others here.

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Screen Squinty’s Top Favorite Animation AMV’s (or Equivelent).

In this section I will list out a selection of my top favorite AMV’s based on animated shows and films or characters that have since been animated, and shows with strong animated elements that are listed in no particular order.

So Close (Rose & Pearl) ✫ Steven Universe AMV

I particularly enjoyed this one created by PurviewProductions for it’s wonderful depiction of Rose and Pearl from the television show Steven Universe, one of my favorite Romances from television (one that should be given a bit more screen time in my opinion, but that’s a personal opinion).

The Musical choice of “So Close” from the Enchanted soundtrack was a great choice, nothing to poppy, but very well suited for the content being depicted.

 AMV – [MEP] Anime’s Got Talent

This is an amv that was pure fun both to watch, listen to, and in concept.

The editor did a fantastic job of utilizing various sources to create a sort of Got Talent reality show parody using various characters. I think my laugh of amusement was particularly loud when Vegta leaped on stage.

The creator did a good job of creating a coherent, smooth presentation that worked seamlessly well, and the music was perfectly chosen for the visuals and concept.

 「AMV」Anime Mix- Murder Melody

This AMV caught my attention not to long ago, and was glad it did.

This AmV took a variety of images from different animes and combined it with just the right song to create a nice little macabre number that highlights some of the fun yet darker themes and images strewn out the popular animated medium.

One Piece AMV- Get Up.

This one is purely instrumental, but what is so enjoyable about it is the great imagery and editing choices from One Piece from finish to end with some great cinematic epic style music. You get not only a good sense of a story line here, which is something not always done in AMV’s, but you get a sense of the emotion and connection that was part and partial of the cannon. This was a nice homage to the source material.

FARSCAPE – The Wonders I’ve Seen

The editor of this AMV did an amazing job in capturing the pure visual splendor that was this show, emphasizing the computer animation, animatronics, make-up artistry and puppet animation that made up Farscape.

I wasn’t able to post the video here through the youtube selector, so click this link here, its well worth the watch, promise.

Steven Universe MV: Finale (Madeon)

This AMV was created by mkatwood, based again on the Steven Universe content, highlighted more the action unique/quirky visuals that the show was known for as  well as the emotional connections.

The  editing was very tight in this one, attention to transitions and the timing with particular attention to timing in relation to the lyrics and pace of the song, which was “Finale” by Madeon.

 Team Gargoyles ( Teen Titans ) Fan Made Intro

This was a fun little fanmade intro that did a decent job combining Gargoyles with the Teen Titan intro.

the editor kept in mind the style of image presentation from Teen Titans, and did a decent job applying it to the Gargoyles imagery, everything was well timed with the intro lyrics, and an overall fun little number.

How Far We’ve Come – Gravity Falls AMV

This AMV did a good job at capturing the essence of the show Gravity Falls, by capturing some of the overarching narrative’s darker themes with the humor and light heartedness as well as the weirdness that was this show. This was a nice homage to the end of a great show.

Bitter and Sick ✨Rick and Morty AMV

This AMV, while not exactly catching the humor of the source material, did do a good job in accenting the sort of tired nihilism that ran throughout the show, and chose a decent song to combine with the imagery to portray the overall concept quite well.

Miles Morales – This song saved my life

While this isn’t technically from an animation, Miles Moralies was in an episode or two of the latest TV series incarnation of Spiderman, so it sort of counts.

What made this one in particular stand out was the good use of comic book images combined with the emotion of the song. It felt like a really good introduction into Miles, and his motivations as the new spider man.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my personal favorites, comment and let me know what your favorite amv’s are.





Screen Squinty’s Top 10 Most Anticipated 2016 Films.

Hello all, and Happy New Years to those who celebrate it this time of year. with the start of 2016, I thought I would kick off the list with some of my own most personal anticipated films for the year.

There are likely some things that didn’t make it onto this list that many of you will flay me for, which doesn’t mean they are not worth watching, just that these films are the ones that make me most excited to see.

So without further ado, here is my top 10 most anticipated films of 2016 (in chronological order by month).

1. Kung Fu Panda 3 (January, 2016).

Having been a fan of the amazing animation, story, comedy, action, characters, and voice talents of the previous two installments, fans of the Kung Fu Panda trilogy like me are looking forward to the conclusion to the trilogy and hopefully more of the amazing talents that went into the previous installments.


2. Hail, Ceaser! (February, 2016).

This is a film that was written, produced, edited, and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen with a lot of big names attached to the film such as Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Ralph Fiennes, Jonah Hill, Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton, and Channing Tatum. The Trailers for this comedy look very promising in story premise and visuals, and the fact that it is also a bit of a period piece in the golden age of Classic Hollywood, makes it all the more appealing.


3. Deadpool (February 2016).

A big fan of the Merc with a mouth, this is the comic book hero (or antihero) film that I am most looking forward to. While the February release date is a bit worrisome, at the same time it can be considered somewhat smart, as it won’t be in competition with some of the big heavy hitters of spring and summer, and the screenplay is written by screenplay by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who had a hand in writing the hit film Zombieland (2009), and finally the promotions, which have been an excellent, and hint that this rendition of Deadpool will hopefully be more faithful to the source material.


4. Zootopia (March 2016).

The premise for this animated film from Disney is promising with an entire world where different anthropomorphic animals of all kinds live together. Best of all, from what the trailers show, there is a bit a mystery in the story line, and the team up of the rabbit cop and the fox character looks promising, and the voice talents so far are top notch.


5. X-Men Apocalypse (May, 2016).

What really needs to be said, this is Apocalypse, one of Marvel’s most ancient and powerful supervillains. It will be interesting to see how his depiction will be received by fans, especially as this version seems a bit more emotive then some of the other variations, particularly the 1990’s animated television series version, which is one of the best depictions of the supervillain ever done. It’s also sure to be an epic looking battle, being the granddaddy of all mutants.


6. Star Trek Beyond (July 2016).

This time it looks like we might be getting something a bit different in story then the rehash of old material that was the common criticism of the previous two. There is some concern that the director, Justin Lin, doesn’t appear to have directed a science fiction film before, though he is the director from the sitcom Community, and directed Fast and the Furious 3-6, so it will be interesting to see how this film will turn out as opposed to J.J Abbrams.


7. The BFG (July 2016).

This Disney film is based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl. The book and the 1989 film, had a mildly darker tone as it tells the story of giants, children, and royalty, so it will be interesting to see if Disney will keep that aspect, which is part and parcel of most material from Dahl. It is directed by Spielberg, which adds another layer of anticipation as an auteur, and finally the promotional teaser was a good introduction to the film.

Teaser Trailer:

8. Suicide Squad (August, 2016).

Seeing Harley Quinn, a favorite of mine from DC on the big screen, is something I am looking forward to. A villain/anti-villain story is always appreciated, whether it will be good or not, is yet up for debate of course, but being already familiar with the Suicide Squad premise from other sources, it proves intriguing to see it’s concept as a live action Blockbuster, now that Hollywood has hit its stride in superhero films.


9. A Monster Calls (October, 2016).

This is a film based on an award winning book for youth, a fantasy drama about a boy whose mother is dying of cancer (echoing the original creator of the premise of the story who was going through chemo at the time and died before she could write her story) about a boy who has a relationship with a monster that appears at his window one night and shares stories that reflect the human condition while at the same time, causing both hardship and healing for the boy throughout the encounter. The film has heavy weights like Liam Neeson as the voice of the monster, and Sigourney Weaver as the cold grandmother.


10.Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (November, 2016).

This is a film based on the writer of one of Harry Potter’s School books, which was also released by the author J.K Rowling, set in the 1920’s. What makes this film exciting I that it is set in the cannon of the popular franchise as a form of a prequel that is not based on a written plot so much as a novelty from the franchise itself, and it looks at the Wizarding World from the perspective of adult wizards instead of school age characters which is an intriguing concept and opens wiggle room for further films as the world of Harry Potter is expanded outside of that central character.



Screen Squinty’s Top 10 Winter Holiday Themed Web Videos

Hello All! Welcome to another Screen Squinty’s list in which I lay out, in no particular order,some of my favorite interwebs shorts and episodes for the holiday season.

1. The Six Christmas Movies You Live Through. By CollegeHumour.


The Six Christmas Movies You Live Through. (screenshot) 2012. Image property of CollegeHumour.

What is great about this holiday short is that it takes some of the popular Christmas special tropes and progresses them throughout this one character’s has a fun relatability for some folks to the progressions of outlook on the holidays throughout one’s aging process with each sequence was well put together with some good attention to detail and a great narrator.

Watch at:

2.Nostalgia Critic: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer by Nostalgia critic/Channel Awesome.


Nostalgia Critic: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Screenshot), 2014. image property of Nostalgia critic/Channel Awesome.

It’s a Christmas special in and of itself as well as an analysis of a really bad one.

Our gun wielding hero tackles this animated feature that was based off of a really schlocky song that still somehow survives its own near death by I roll of the general public each year.

Critic’s approach to it is delightful combination of keen filmatic analysis, one-liners, and his own scholocky beginning with a rather insane and visually colorful morass of insanity at the end in all its glorious red and green flash.

Watch at:

3. Scary Snowman. by The Scary Snowman.


Scary Snowman Christmas Prank, Season 2 ep 3 (screenshot) 2011. Image property of The Scary Snowman.

To me, a snowman has always been a symbol for the holiday season, whether it’s happening at Christmas or not, and evil Snowmen have always been a particularly amusing sight to me since a Calvin and Hobbs comic I saw way back in my eye sparkly years, so I have put down this channel with its evil snowman jump scare on unsuspecting public as a collective favorite of shorts for Christmas viewing.

Watch at:

4. A Very Hellsing Christmas Special. By TeamFourStar.


A Very Hellsing Christmas Special (screenshot) 2014. Image property of TeamFourStar.

There is just something about parodying Hellsing using Christmas that really gets me *pats chest* right here you know?

Watch at:

5. It’s a Sad Christmas Larry. By ExplosimEntertainment/Cyanide and Happiness.


It’s a Sad Christmas Larry  (screenshot) 2013. image property of ExplosimEntertainment/Cyanide and Happiness.

Some of you may be wondering why this one ended up here, especially as it is somewhat depressing in its tone, but that is in part what makes it good.

The Sad Larry segments always hold a special place in my heart because they take the tragic everything that can happen to one person during the holidays and run with it to the point where Larry becomes a sort of pathetic dark humour figure.

Some forms of humour or drama can go to that middle point where comedy and tragedy derive from each other. The fact that it’s Christmas themed just highlights this quality of Sad Larry in particular simply because of the rosy glasses sentiments that is stereotyped for this time of year.

Can be watched:

6.Christmas Face. by Rhett and Link.


Christmas Face (screenshot), 2013. Image property of Rhett and Link.

The fellas from Good Mythical Morning have always had this great chemistry together and their programming always brings a smile to my face. In this Holiday short from their Rhett and Link channel we see the holiday put on their face in a sort of 80’s style musical number.

I loved the creativity with the face make-up, and the expression of the make-up artist was amusing.

Watch at:

7. Smoke My Christmas. Distributed by Goeblins.


Smoke My Christmas (screenshot), 2010. Image property of Goeblins.

In this animated short, you get a combination of a vaguely Santa Claus-like down on his luck hobo who is given a psychedelic Wonderland fantasy trip for Christmas.

As with everything else that comes out of Goeblins, the team of De Clément Desnos, Jean-David Fabre, Julien Perron, Rémi Salmon, Vincent Verniers present a very well put together and imaginative blackish satire that displays an excellent visual scope of imagery and detail as well as great character designs, particularly on the protagonist.

Watch at:

8. The Ringing of the Bells: Muppet Music Video. by The Muppets.


The Ringing of the Bells: Muppet Music Video (Screenshot), 2009. Image property of Disney.

There is just something about Disney’s The Muppets singing classic songs, and in this case the really funny trio of Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal doing a classic Christmas carol with all the expected results is just worth a watch.

Watch at:

9.Simon’s Cat – Christmas Presence (Part 1 & 2!). By Simon’s Cat.


Simon’s Cat – Christmas Presence Part 1 & 2! (Screenshot), 2014. image property of Simon’s Cat.

I always enjoy a good episode from Simon’s Cat, and the Christmas episodes don’t disappoint. Watching the cat interact with the toy Santa decoration was really enjoyable and has a natural slice of life flow to it that somewhat sums up Christmas decorations at times for both animals and humans alike.

Watch at:

10. Santa Claus: Civil War. by CartoonHooligans.


Santa Claus: Civil War (screenshot), 2015. Image property of CartoonHooligans.

In this short by CartoonHooligans, they combined Santa Claus with the premise and imagery from the trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie that is coming out May of 2016.

As usual, CartoonHooligan’s style is a fun, mockepic treat to look at, and the idea of the Santa (personifying Captain America’s role) and the Tony Elf, is both amusing and strangely apropos. The dialogue, with its super serious voice actors that could be pulled right out of an epic superhero movie saying these particular lines, induces a fair amount of chuckling and is the best part of the short.

Watch at:

Well, so there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the list, comment and tell me what your favorite web based Christmas content you enjoy the most!


Screen Squinty’s Top 15 Treehouse of Horror Segments.

The Halloween Special series which started in 1990 during The Simpsons second season called The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror (Th), and has been a recurring tradition (perhaps a bit of a belated one in some cases) ever since, and has long been a personal joy of mine from the very first episode when it aired.

Each episode consists of 3 main separate segments with occasional gags in the beginning and ending. It is these separate sections which will be individually added to my top list and not so much the episodes themselves.

Top 15 Treehouse of Horror Segments (in no particular order).

1. The Raven (TH:1, Segment 3).

This segment took a classic Edgar Allen Poe poem and made it mainstream. It inspired several children of my generation to read Poe after watching the episode. Homer as the beleaguered face of the story managed to combine his cloddery with this gothic tale brilliantly. The design of the segment was well done, with this great uses of stark colour and angle to give it a creepy vibe.

2. Clown Without Pity (TH:3, Segment 1).

This fun little tale is about a cursed doll out for murder, and contains a scene that has one of the best dialogues between a regular shmoe and an Evil Shop/Frogurt purveyor on television.

3. King Homer (TH:3, Segment 2).

This was a great spoof of the infamous King Kong movie from the black and white era with the appropriately cast Homer as the ape king himself. This also has one of the best renditions of “strolling through the park one day.”

4. Dial ‘Z’ For Zombies (TH:3, Segment 3).

A great little tale of zombies that spoofs this monster genre of the period, with inexplicable library sections, and Homer living out one of his ultimate fantasies.

5. The Devil and Homer Simpson (TH:4, Segment 1).

This one is particularly good, with its clever visuals of hell, titling Flanders as the king of hell itself, and a perfect resolution to the plot.

6. Bart Simpson’s Dracula (TH:4, Segment 3).

This segment is perhaps one of the best spoofs of the Coppola’s Dracula out there. It had great plot progression, well utilized characters, excellent humour, and an unexpected ending.

7. The Shining (TH:5, Segment 1).

This is one of the best Kubrick The Shinning spoofs ever, taking some of the most memorable elements and imagery from the original movie and bringing to light both the ridiculous and the creepy that was loved about The Shining. Marge also wins hand down for her nagging dead pan reaction after she subdues Homer.

8. Citizen Kang (TH:7, Segment 3).

I always enjoy a good parody that reflects the flaws of the political system, but I loved how this one took this type of parody and managed to make it into a Halloween special without losing its parodied commentary.

9. I Know What You Diddily-Iddily-Did (TH:10, Segment 1).

This is a great parody of I Know What You Did Last Summer, using tension well, and as always an excellent Flanders and Homer working well together in a story.

10. House of Wacks (TH:12, Segment 2).

I enjoyed this segment particularly for its parody of both Demon Seed (primarily) and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Pierce Brosnon also seems to be having a lot of fun in this segment as well, which you can really tell.

11. The Ned Zone (TH:15, Segment 1).

This segment had some of the better plot progression, utilizing a quickly escalating series of events to which centralizes particularly around Ned in a parody of the content and narrative style of The Dead Zone.

12. Intro (TH:19, Segment Intro).

In this short, Homer tries to vote for Obama and runs afoul of the automated voting machine. It was a great condensing of political conspiracies and spoof of elections.

13. There’s No Business Like Moe Business (TH:20, Segment 3).

One of the best episodes with Moe as a central figure, if only for this one segment. This was a great parody of Sweeny Todd and musical stage production in general (it was a meta segment), and I enjoyed the byplay and musical numbers between Marge, Moe, and Homer.

14. Couch Gag (TH:24, Segment Opening).

This perhaps one of my favorite couch gags of all time. It is chock full of various film and television references that you have fun watching it tow see which ones you spot. The visuals were engaging, detailed and clever merging film director Guillermo del Toro’s (who conceived this couch gaga) unique style with standard Simpsons fare.

15. A Clockwork Yellow (TH:25, Segment 2).

A great homage to Kubrick, particularly the Clockwork Orange parody in the beginning utilizing the language and visual style akin to Kubrick films. A Kubrick fan must watch.

Overall there is many more that I could have added to the list, particularly from the earlier seasons, but I felt these were a good sampling of some of the better sequences out there. With Treehouse of Horror set to play soon, we will see if this season’s Treehouse will be worth the watch.

Screen Squinty’s Top 10 “Back to the Future” Humour.

In honor of Back to the Future Day, which is a day that celebrates on the exact date, October 21, 2015, When the character Marty McFly travels into the future in the second installment of the trilogy, I have created a list of my favorite top Back to the Future humour both as parody shorts, parody television show, reference and discussion.

Top 10 “Back to the Future” Humour (in no particular order).

1. Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015 by CollegeHumor.

2. Rick And Morty (Television Show)

3. X-men Back to the Future Past by Barley Productions.

4. Why ‘Back to the Future’ Is Secretly Horrifying | After Hours by Cracked.

5.Terminator – How It Should End by HISHE.

6. Family Guy: Back to the Future George McFly.

7. Bart and Homers Excellent Adventures, A Treehouse of Horror Segment.

8. Honest Trailer’s Back to the Future.

9. How Back To The Future 2 Should Have Started by HISHE.

10. Robot Chicken: Doc Brown’s Plutonium.

Screen Squinty’s Top 25 Favorite YouTube Channels

Ah YouTube! One of my favorite sources for watching whatever catches my fancy. Being a Film student or scholar, YouTube becomes your friend soon enough.

In this list, you will find a random selection of some of my favorite YouTube channels and yes, I am aware that there is likely things that my readers love that aren’t here, these just happen to be the ones I view the most.

Top 25 YouTube Channels (in no order of importance).

1. Good Mythical Morning.

2. Channel Awesome.

3. MLP-Silver-Quill.

4. Cartoon Hooligans.


6. Animation Domination.

7. FilmCow.

8. Mondo Media.

9. TheMysteriousMrEnter.

10. Above Average.

11. ExplosimEntertainment.

12. College Humor.

13. AnthonyC.

14. Simon’s Cat.

15. Cracked and Cracked After Hours.

16. TwistedGrimm TV.

17. Goeblins.

18. CG Bros.

19. Brotherhood Workshop.

20. It’s Okay To be Smart.

21. Vizipop.

22. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.

23. potterpuppetpals.

24. ArtSpear Entertainment.

25. Lily Peet.

Screen Squinty’s Top 25 Favorite TV Opening Themes

Here is a list of some of my favorite TV opening themes from over the years (in no particular order).

1. Star Trek Voyager.

2. Man In Black The Series.

3. X-Men the animated series (1990’s).

4. Batman Beyond.

5. Bojack Horseman.

6. Game of Thrones.

7. Steven Universe.

8. True Blood.

9. Goosebumps.

10. Battlestar Galactica.

11. American Horror Story.

12. Gargoyles.

13. The Addams Family.

14. Duck Tales.

15. Futurama.

16. Cheers.

17. Round The Twist.

18. Batman the Animated Series.

19. Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

20. The Walking Dead.

21. Married With Children.

22. Whose the Boss.

23. Where is Carmen Santiago.

24. Inspector Gadget.

25. Kingdom Hospital.

*Note: I did not include anime because there are just to many good ones and it would fill up the list.