This is where to go to find links to spots where I put up either fun or serious topics for discussion. Usually through Reddit or occasionally Disqus.

If you could center an entire film around an innocuous object, what would it be and how would you do it?

If you could create a film trilogy centering around one major fictional villain or supervillain who would it be?

Favorite Film of the Week: The Quiet Family!

Do you think that Karen from “Will and Grace” is a queer character?

Film Critics on reddit, what is the best way to increase readership?

Do you think that there is enough queer representations on Television?

What’s your favorite Queer television show currently airing?

Who is your favorite Queer character from television of 2016 so far?

What is your Favorite DC Animated Character?

Dead Of Summer: What is Your take On Drew?

Zootopia, what did you all think?

Steven Universe, is it a Queer Artifact?

Screen Squinty’s “Dead of Summer” Season 1 ep 2 Discussion.

Screen Squinty’s “Dead of Summer” Season 1 Ep. 1 Discussion

Screen Squinty’s “The Path” Season 1 Discussion.


What is your Favorite Anime Movie?

What is the Best animated Character?