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Welcome, and Pe’el!

This is Nostaltrek, a section on my page dedicated to all things Trek from all over the franchise and fandom alike.

You will find things such as reviews, articles, shared links, Top lists, shared clips and so on from a wide range of shows, movies, books, comics, fan made material and so forth related to or inspired by Trek.

This will also be the location where you will find links to my reviews of the new Star Trek Discovery series when it comes out in January of 2017.

You will find: Film/Episode Reviews, Top Lists, Book and Fanfiction Recommendations, Comics and Fan Comics Recommendations, Favorite Parody Vids/clips, General Favorite Clips, and Helpful Links.

*Note: This fan page will be updated weekly with new content.

 Film/Episode Reviews.

This part is where you will find links to any reviews or articles I do of random episodes and films from the  Star Trek TV franchise or related to the franchise (documentaries for example) that catches my eye.


Top Lists.

This section is where you will find top lists from anything Trek. Keep in mind that when I make top lists, I make them with no particular order of importance in mind.



This section has links to Articles and discussions either I wrote or posted, or articles and discussions from others that I found enjoyable.

If you could choose any character from the Star Trek tv franchise to be captain of thier own ship/station who would it be?  -Discussion, Started by Screen Squinty

Sulu, To Queer or Not to Queer? – Article, By Screen Squinty.

Everything We Know So Far About Star Trek Discovery In One Handy Infographic– Article, by TREKMOVIE.COM staff.

New information about Star Trek: Discovery– Discussion, by Aggregate Post.


Books and Fanfiction Recommendations.

This is where I will put links to books and fanfiction suggestions related to Trek. They will be suggestions for novels to shortfics.

“The Q Continuum Omnibus” by Greg Cox (Star Trek TNG)


“Redshirts” by John Scalzi.

A Star Trek inspired story about being a “Red Shirt.” It centers on Ensign Andrew Dahl, newly assigned to the Intrepid, flagship of the Universal Union. He eventually gets an opportunity to go on “away missions” only to quickly realize the rather short life span being a low ranking officer in a cast of high ranking crew provides.


“I,Q” by John DeLancie and Peter David.

This is a story from the perspective of Q as he suddenly faces the end of everything.


“Metamorphosis” by Jean Lorah.

In this book, Data gets exactly what he’s wished for so long.


“First Contact: Trespassers” by Lucilla.

This is a very short little fanfic of some random alien who doesn’t like Zephram Cochrane in his backyard. (image from Star Trek First Contact, there wasn’t any cover art).



Comics and Fancomics

This is where you will find suggestions and links to favorite comics and fan comics from the franchise.

Please follow the linked titles to sources so you can enjoy (fancomics), or buy and enjoy (comics).

“Up and Out” By


(Heheh…Picard you statically quipped boss man!)

“Warning” by


(Huh, now that i think about it, he did like to ponder alot didn’t he?)

“Captain’s Log Stardate: Naked Time.” posted by Jordan La Fay.



“Star Trek: TNG Fan Comic 01”  by Eeveeelover.


(The thing is, I could see so easily doing that to…especially to Worf).


Favorite Pardoy Vids/Clips.

This is where I will share links to various vids centered around parody of the franchise.

“Star Trek Voyager Fraiser Cast”

“Star Trek Beyond The Musical Animated Parody Song.” by Ihugueny.

Which is Nerdier: Star Wars or Star Trek?by CollegeHumor.

“Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Night Crew.” by Robot Chicken.

“Make It So (“Let It Go” Star Trek song parody)” by Media Go-Go.


General Favorite Clips.

This is where I will put links to favorite vid clips of random scenes from Trek canon, trailers, behind the scenes, fanmade material that isn’t parody, and other stuff, etc.

“Without Context: Star Trek Beyond” By Silver Quill.

“Analyzing Is Magic: Q VS Discord” ILoveKimPossibleAlot.

Quark solves the problem of War with Economics” Star Trek DS9.

Clones!” Star Trek TNG.

“Worf and Spot” from TNG, Season 7, episode 6, “Phantasms.”

“Leonard Nimoy in 1984 behind-the-scenes footage of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock” posted by Eyes on Cinema.

“Top 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Were In Star Trek” by TopTenzNet.



Helpful Links

Here you will find links to various sites related to the topic of Star Trek franchise or sites from within the fandom.

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Star Trek fan productions – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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