Short Reviews

Here is where I will put short snippet reviews of various things I see, mainly for practicing shorter review statements.

Alien Nation TV Series

One of the best cultural commentaries of the 80’s, a spin-off of the equally great movie of the same name, this had great characters and good episodes that used the science-fiction to comment on various social hot topics of the period that should gone past season 1.

American Horror Story

Great show, solid acting, memorable characters each season, and a strong story that benefits from its isolated season arcs, which means that someone can choose any season they want to start out with. the pacing is good and keeps you hooked and satisfied.


One of the children’s animations from the 90’s that pioneered something different from the norm. It pushed the envelope of standardized television in its time using a combination of various types of humour geared towards both adults and children, surprisingly intelligent at times, and a tradition of television watching for those who grew up through that period.


This film had great special effects and action scenes, but the story was lack luster with an eye rolling forced tropes.


One of the better shows at character building, the flashback sequences are the gold here, showing the main character Oliver’s progression into becoming what he is. This is proper character progression and development at its finest and worth the watch for that alone.

Blindspot Season 1

It suffers from various issues in both characters (with the exception of Jane) and story outside of Jane’s personal struggles, but it had a great opening and the cinematography was good as was the pacing of the plot.

Farscape:The Peacekeeper Wars

Excellent wrap up to an excellent series that ended on a cliff-hanger and demanded this little gem being made. Great plot, special effects, and characters. An excellent final huzzah for fans of the show.

Gargoyles TV Series

This is one of Walt Disney’s better television series, with a great set of characters (though somewhat trope-ish, though it was the nineties) a great villain, and some of the best voice talents out there. Good for all ages and would recommend the television show, especially as it picks up quite well in season 2 with great story arcs (ignore season 3, the first 2 seasons can stand on their own).

Goodnight Mommy

This is a movie about ambiance. Everything from the amazing
cinematography, the rife symbolic imagery, the character portrayals is
about the experience of watching the hallucination, even though you
know early on the secret surrounding the two boys. its not about
revelation so much as watching the fallout of that realization, and
some of the extremes it can go to.

The child actors were rather natural without being to much one thing or
the other, the mother was a bit…off, but it can be considered in part
that she is a faulty person being interpreted through a skewed lens.

A great deal of obvious film making talent went into this Austrian
masterpiece, adding another layer to the definition of Horror.

The Haunting (remake).

…Horror movie sweat drop.

Inside Out

This was an excellent film with a well developed narrative, fun visuals, and character interactions that are great, and at times, intelligent and moving to watch.

The Last Unicorn

An excellent animation from the 80s with a great sense of maturity, style and adventure with great characters and voice work, and an amazing ambiance that sucks you right in.


This movie had a well designed super villain, amusing scenes, and the characters were decently fleshed out, though it could have done with a slightly more developed narrative.

Moonbeam City

Its like if Archer tripped acid while watching Miami Vice and 80’s music videos. This was not necessarily funny, though there were one or two jokes that illicit a chuckle, but a definite watch for the spectacle it is alone.


A film that dares people to not judge a book (or in this case film) by its cover. Brilliant meta satire. Worth a watch many times.

Super Jail

If imagination was personified as a comedian that went on an acid trip and wrote and animated a show with a few couched themes sprinkled here and there, you would have the surreal trip that is Superjail.

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